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10 Life Hacks All Car Drivers Need

All car drivers and their passengers want to make the process of driving as simple as possible.

We at 5-Minute Crafts will tell you how slime, an empty plastic bottle, and an air balloon will help you make driving more comfortable.

10. How to vacuum difficult areas

1️⃣ Take a toilet paper insert.
2️⃣ Put it on the vacuum cleaner tube and press the edge as the photo shows.
3️⃣ Turn the vacuum on and reach the difficult spots.

9. How to make a phone holder from a rubber band

1️⃣ Take a rubber band.
2️⃣ Put it into the reflector as the photo shows. You can use tweezers.
3️⃣ Insert the phone into the loops.
4️⃣ Separate the loops to keep the phone safe.

8. How to get hot air out of the car

1️⃣ Open the passenger seat window.
2️⃣ Quickly open the door several times to get the hot air out of the car.

7. How to prevent the windows from fogging up

1️⃣ This is a good method if your windows are really fogged.
2️⃣ Put the bags you find in shoe boxes next to the windshield.
3️⃣ Remove them when the moisture disappears.

6. How to prevent scratching other people’s cars

1️⃣ In order not to scratch other cars when you open doors, put a soft sticky tape on the edge, like the photo shows.
2️⃣ Tape all the doors this way.

5. How to pour oil safely

1️⃣ If the oil spills around when you’re trying to add it, use a screwdriver.
2️⃣ Put it into the hole and pour the oil onto it. Use it if you don’t have a funnel.

4. How to clean the steering wheel

1️⃣ Take some slime and stretch it.
2️⃣ Put it on the wheel.
3️⃣ Collect all the dirt and dust. You can do the same thing with the dashboard and doorknobs.

3. How to organize the space in the trunk

1️⃣ If you have too many bags in the trunk and are tired of the mess, use this method.
2️⃣ Put the stuff in bags and put them in a row.
3️⃣ Take a rope and put it through the bag handles as the photo shows.

2. How to make a good funnel from a bottle

1️⃣ Cut off a bottle’s edge.
2️⃣ Put it into the gas tank.
3️⃣ Pour the gas in.
Follow all the safety rules.

1. How to lock the handle above the seat

1️⃣ This is a good method if you want to lock the handle in a horizontal position.
2️⃣ Fold the plastic piece on one side as the photo shows.

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