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10 Myths About Sugar We Still Believe

Sugar is a product that is probably the leader in the number of misconceptions around it that have nothing in common with reality.

5-Minute Crafts is going to tell you 10 myths about sugar that it’s time we stopped believing.

Myth № 1: Sweets are the main reason for cavities.

Even though carbs may actually lead to cavities, sugar is not the only product that can destroy teeth. Other fermented carbs, such as glucose and fructose, can also cause cavities. Aside from that, some other factors destroy tooth enamel, such as the stickiness of the product.

Myth № 2: Sugar causes addiction.

Researchers claim that at the moment, there’s no evidence that proves the theory of sugar addition. There’s also no proof that sugar causes eating disorders.

Myth № 3: Sugar leads to weight gain more than anything else.

Most diet programs advise people to give up sweets because they give the body extra weight. But studies show that eating sugar and sugar-heavy foods don’t have any negative influence on weight loss if the amount of the eaten calories is not above the norm. Even though sweets are often more caloric, sugar itself is not the reason for obesity.

Myth № 4: Sugar is the main reason for diabetes.

Studies show that eating excessive sugar has no connection with how sensitive the body is to insulin. The actual factors that might lead to diabetes are low physical activity, extra weight, fat deposits around vital organs, and more.

Myth № 5: Sugar makes children hyperactive.

In fact, there is no direct connection between eating sugar and elevated activity in children. Even though, very often, eating sweets and active behavior may be seen together (like during children’s parties), the latter is not a consequence of the former.

In a study, parents that thought their children were sensitive to sugar were asked to estimate their children’s behavior after they drank some soda. The adults that were told their children drank lemonade with sugar said that their children were very active, unlike the parents that were told their kids had soda with a sweetener. The catch was that both groups of children drank the same lemonade with artificial sweeteners, which means the influence of sugar on their activity was made up by the parents.

Myth № 6: Sugar stimulates the growth of cancer cells.

Some time ago, researchers found that cancer cells need way more glucose for nutrition and growth than healthy ones. So the idea that sugar transformed into energy may lead to the appearance of tumors appeared. But later, it was found that cancer cells can find access to glucose no matter if a person eats sugar or not. Sugar itself is not the cause of cancer. But in big quantities, it might lead to obesity, which, in turn, may increase the chances of getting cancer.

Myth № 7: Brown sugar is better than white sugar.

Brown sugar is basically the same as refined white sugar with the addition of molasses. Just like white sugar, it doesn’t contain any nutrients and contains sucrose.

Quite often, brown sugar is confused with unrefined, raw sugar made from the juice of the sugarcane plant. Raw sugar, unlike brown sugar, has some nutritional value and contains some vitamins and minerals.

Myth № 8: Foods with sugar substitutes are healthier.

If the pack says that a product doesn’t contain sugar, it doesn’t mean it’s good for you. Very often, the natural sugar is replaced with sweeteners that might be worse than sugar. Even Stevia, which is based on natural components, may be dangerous for your health, let alone artificial sweeteners.

Myth № 9: All carbs are sugar.

Sugar is the simplest but not the only type of carb out there. The more complex forms of sugar are starch (a polymeric carbohydrate consisting of numerous glucose units joined by glycosidic bonds) and fiber (unbreakable food fibers) found in vegetables, corn, and beans. There are a lot of carb-containing foods that are considered to be healthy and have a low glycemic index.

Myth № 10: Sugar is only found in sweets.

Even though many people think that sugar is present only in artificially made sweets, it’s not true. It’s found in many natural foods, such as honey, milk, fruit, and more.

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