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10 Photo Ideas With Kids

Taking photos of your kids is the perfect way to save memories. And the more original the photos, the better. 5-Minute Crafts prepared 10 ideas that you can use for a fun photo shoot with your children.

1. Use Skittles for a photo full of colors.

2. Dig a hole in the sand and place your camera there.

3. Place a sticker on a phone’s flashlight to create an unusual light effect.

4. Use an original hole puncher to create a customized photo filter.

5. Turn fruit pieces into clothes.

6. Experiment with egg shells.

7. Use a spray bottle, clouds, and a right angle.

8. Place LED lights onto some sintepon for the effect of a dreamy cloud.

9. Cut out shapes from a paper cup’s bottom to create another photo filter.

10. Use mirrors to create visual illusions.

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