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10 Things With Hidden Features You Probably Didn’t Know About

Products that we use on an everyday basis usually have details that get overlooked. It could range from the food we consume daily to the clothes we wear. Maybe you did notice these details and let them go, or never noticed them in the first place. And these tiny features could actually make the function of these everyday things easier for you. Let 5-Minute Crafts help you not miss out on these tiny secret tidbits and make you feel like a genius.

1. The loop on the back of your favorite button-down shirt

It’s called a locker loop and its purpose is to hang the shirt on hooks. This way, when you hang them instead of folding them, it keeps the wrinkles on the fabric at bay.

2. The arrow next to your gas gauge

It shows in which direction the gas cap of your car is located. If the arrow points to the left, the gas cap is on the left side of your car and vice versa.

3. The triangular design of Toblerone bars.

When breaking 2 Toblerone pieces apart, you may end up having half pieces or sometimes even get chocolate on your hands. The easiest way to break apart this chocolate is by pinching 2 Toblerone pieces together, as shown, to get a perfect triangle without a mess.

4. The hole in the soda tab

There are many ways to drink soda from the can. One way is by using a straw. And the soda tab is equipped perfectly for this. All you have to do is pop the soda can tab, spin it around, and use the hole as a straw holder, as shown above.

5. The little loop behind your shoes.

These loops are called bootstraps or pull tabs. The main reason to have bootstraps is to help you slip into your shoe with ease. All you have to do is pull on the loop and then slide your foot in the shoe. There are also other reasons, like it can be used as a reflective panel for a safe night run, or it can be used to hang the shoes without deforming them, etc.

6. The fuzzy soles on Converse

Some Converse shoes have fabric soles instead of conventional leather soles because fabric helps them save a lot of money on their price. When footwear has fuzzy soles, it classifies them as slippers, meaning lesser import rates on the product as compared to regular shoes.

7. The tiny holes on airplane windows

As the airplane goes higher, the oxygen levels in the plane decrease too. Hence, to maintain a stable oxygen level in the airplane, the cabin needs to be pressurized so that the passengers and the cabin crew can breathe normally.

On the other hand, too much pressure is bad for the aircraft, and there is a need to release that extra pressure. This is why there are bleed holes, which is the name of the tiny holes on the airplane windows. You may notice 3 panes of plexiglass. The innermost glass is the one you can touch and is meant to protect the middle and outer panes. And the other glass is designed in a way to hold the difference in air pressure which is between the cabin and the air outside. This tiny hole balances the 2: cabin pressure and outside air.

It also helps in releasing moisture and preventing frost or condensation that blocks your view.

8. Buttons on women’s shirts are on the left and men’s are on the right.

The reason goes back to older times when men dressed themselves, needing no help. But, women wore elaborate layers of clothing like petticoats, corsets, gowns, bloomers, and bustles. And for this, they required the assistance of maids and servants to dress them up. It took hours for these helpers to dress the lady of the house.

Clothing experts then realized that if they reversed the buttons on lady clothes, it would make the dressing job faster and easier for everyone. And since men weren’t dressed using help, their garments required no changes.

Men’s buttons have also taken cues from military uniforms. The soldiers drew their arms with their right hand, so when the buttons are also on the right, this makes it easy for them to make necessary adjustments and undress using their left hand.

9. Extra holes in Converse shoes.

They’re not just there for the looks. Instead, Converse put them there to make the sneakers easily breathable, which turns out to be a huge advantage for wearers with sweaty feet.

10. Brushes at the sides of the escalator

They’re also called skirt deflectors, and they are there to keep objects from getting trapped or stuck between the stairs and the side of the escalator, which is called the escalator “skirt.”

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