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10 Unusual Ways to Use Pads and Tampons

Pads and tampons have immense versatility in every woman’s daily life. Aside from their basic purpose, the composition of the sanitary products themselves allows for a large number of alternative applications that could save us time and money in some situations.

1. Packing up glassware for moving

  • When packing glasses, line them with a liner to protect them from breaking and avoid scratches. Stick the pad to the outside of the item before placing it in the package.

2. Give your heels a rest.

  • If your ankles rub while wearing heels, just cut a piece of a sanitary pad and stick it to the back of the shoe with the sticky side. The softness of the insole will provide gentle support for the foot on the heel.

3. Nail polish remover

  • If you run out of cotton in the middle of removing nail polish, everyday cotton pads or tampons can fill the same role. If you use a pad, cut it into smaller pieces without peeling off the protective part on the sticky side; and if you use tampons, just remove the protective plastic coat. Soak it in acetone and clean your nails in exactly the same way as with cotton.

4. Ice pack

  • To make an ice pack for swelling, submerge the pad in water and place it in the freezer to freeze. Put it in a plastic bag and use it on the areas where you have swelling.

5. Hide your money.

  • Take a pad with wings and gently open the package without damaging it. In the middle part where the wings are glued, insert the money you want to hide and fold it so that it can’t be seen. Fold up the pad and put it back in its packaging so that it looks like it was never opened. Store it in places inaccessible to others.

Note: Be careful, immediately after removing the money from the insert, throw it away so that there is no confusion about using it. Pads must be clean before use!

6. Shoe insoles

  • To provide extra support for your feet if you don’t have shoe insoles, peel the winged pad from its backing and carefully stick it inside the shoes. Depending on the size of the foot, you can cut the same pad to shorten it or add another half to make up for the space. Your feet will thank you.

7. Emergency bandage

  • In case you run out of patches and have an emergency where you need to protect an injury from contamination by external factors, use a clean, everyday pad. Cut out the pad and carefully cover the wound. It will absorb any blood and keep the injury clean until you find a replacement or are ready for intervention.

8. To separate the toes

  • If you want to do a pedicure and don’t have the special sponge to separate and steady the toes, simply put tampons between your toes.

9. Make your closet smell awesome.

  • To eliminate unpleasant odors from your wardrobe, soak a few drops of essential oil on a tampon or pad and insert it inside the closet. Stick the pad to the walls of the closet or hang the tampon on a hanger rod.

10. Say goodbye to sweaty armpits.

  • If you know the feeling of sweating under your armpits and seeing wet marks on your T-shirts, take an everyday pad and stick it to the inside of your T-shirt, just under your armpits. The pad will absorb sweat and give you a feeling of comfort without making you feel insecure.

Who was the first person to teach you about the meaning of pads? Is menstruation a taboo subject in your culture?

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