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12 Movie Sound Effects That Can Be Replicated With Everyday Objects

While watching a movie or a pre-recorded television program, you’re likely to hear a myriad of sound effects, from somebody’s steps on the floor to the sound of rain. However, the equipment used to record sounds while shooting helps to pick up the voices of the people speaking more clearly, not the effects. These sounds are later recreated by a Foley artist, who uses an assortment of props to bring them to life.

5-Minute Crafts has compiled a list showcasing 12 sound effects commonly used in film and television, and how you can recreate them at home.

1. The sound of a horse’s hooves walking or trotting can be recreated by beating the halves of a hollow coconut against a surface.

2. The flapping sound of the wings of many animals and mythological creatures can be achieved by using a feather duster.

3. The sizzling sound of frying bacon on a pan will emulate the sound of heavy rain.

4. You can couple the last effect with the rumbling sound of thunder by waving an aluminum sheet, resulting in a very realistic thunderstorm.

5. Bubble wrap can be used to simulate the sound of fire. Alternate between crumpling it and popping the bubbles to get the sound of a fire crackling and popping.

6. You can take the magnetic tape off old cassette and VHS tapes and make a ball you can step on, which will sound like you’re walking on grass.

7. You don’t need a lot of money to recreate the sound of a stack of cash being handled. A deck of cards will do, but it is advisable to put a bill at the top and bottom of the deck for it to sound the most real.

8. The sound of a heartbeat can be replicated by a plastic container large enough to be used as a trash can. Just flip it over and rhythmically push the bottom in and out.

9. The sound produced by car tires screeching on asphalt can be reproduced with a balloon. You need to fill the balloon and drag it against surfaces like glass or ceramic, though you need to pitch it down.

10. The creepy sound produced by a rusty hinge is a staple of horror movies, but the same sound effect can be achieved by means of an old swing set.

11. The mechanical sound of a robot moving may be a futuristic notion, but you can recreate that sound with an old DVD or CD player with a tray ejecting mechanism.

12. The sound that is produced by a heavy stone door may seem impossible to reproduce, but you can do it at home by taking your toilet tank lid and dragging it against the tank.

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