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50 of the Best Gifts for Men

The closer holidays or birthdays get, the more we start to think about what to present to a person. We want this gift to be impressive, modern, and useful.

The 5-Minute Crafts team has done some brainstorming and prepared a list of 50 ideas about what to buy as a gift for a man.

You can buy something for a father, a husband, or a friend from the lists of “Devices,” “Accessories,” “Active rest.” If you are choosing something for your son, you can take a look at “Gadgets” and “Video games.” If you need a gift for your boss, check out “Car,” “Devices,” or “Food and drinks.”


  1. Electric razor

  2. Hair clippers

  3. Bear and hair trimmer

  4. Robot vacuum

  5. Action camera

  6. Drone

  7. Coffeemaker


8. Power bank

9. External HDD

10. Smart home system

11. Smart speaker with a voice assistant

12. Smartwatch

13. Fitness tracker

14. Wireless headphones

15. E-book

16. Wireless charging dock

Video games

17. Xbox

18. PlayStation

19. VR-headset

20. Keyboard

21. Computer mouse


22. Car documents bag

23. DVR

24. Car perfume

25. GPS-tracker

26. Vacuum cleaner for cars

27. Smartphone holder

28. Massage wrap for the seat


29. Leather belt

30. Ballpoint fountain pen from a famous brand

31. Beauty products for the beard

32. Stylish laptop backpack

33. Sunglasses

Food and drinks

34. Good tea

35. Coffee

36. Edible snack bouquet

37. A pack of good bitter chocolate


38. Board game

39. Mini-golf

40. Paper book (a beautiful edition about the right topic)

41. A set of glass or porcelain cups for tea

42. Massager for the back and neck

Active rest and traveling

43. Tent

44. Swiss Army knife

45. Picnic set

46. Folding grill

47. Electric grill

48. Parachute jump certificate

49. Indoor skydiving certificate

50. Scratch-off map of the world

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