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7 Plant Hacks to Grow a Rich Harvest

Working in a garden and having a full-time job seem one and the same. Dedicating time to your plants and garden and seeing that it’s not working is hard to witness. If you are looking for tips that can help you manage a good harvest, you are in the right place.

We at 5-Minute Crafts picked some plant hacks that will help you grow a rich harvest and save you lots of time.

1. Use eggshells for the soil.

Plants with calcium deficiencies may lead to a bad harvest or no harvest at all. Without proper levels of calcium, fruit numbers can be significantly reduced. To prevent that, try using decomposing eggshells. They are high in calcium. Store the eggshells in a bag or a container instead of throwing them in the trash. Then crush the shells into small pieces and add them to the soil.

2. Use ornaments for crop protection.

If you have trouble with birds pecking at your plants, try hanging red Christmas ornaments next to the veggies. Birds will try to bite the red ornament instead of the plant and fly away. They will be less likely to try this again and will leave your developing plants undamaged for longer.

3. Save coffee grounds for the garden.

Slugs and snails may be in charge of eating the plants, and neighboring cats can be a problem in your garden. They may stop you from having a good harvest. If you add coffee to your soil, caffeine will send the snails and cats far away from the plants — animals hate it. Coffee itself is better than coffee grounds.

4. Use colored stones and wood chips to protect the plants.

This hack is similar to the ornament hack and is all about training birds and snails to not go after your red fruits and vegetables. Place colored rocks and wood chips to create a barrier around the fruits. Birds will try to peck and eat the stones. Snails find it challenging to get around and slide over irregular and sharp surfaces. The result will be unpleasant, so they won’t do it again.

5. Use a laundry basket to grow berries.

When it comes to growing berries, the most difficult part of the process is harvesting them. Why not make the process easier? All you have to do is grab a laundry basket with small openings and make a hole at the bottom. Add burlap to the basket and make minor cuts in the openings. Fill it with soil and plant the strawberries through the gaps. This DIY solution is super cheap and saves us plenty of time, energy, and space.

6. Use baking soda for black fungal spores.

Baking soda has many benefits in our lives. It works as a teeth whitener, stain cleaner, and air freshener. It is commonly known among gardeners as an aid to prevent fungal spores on plants, such as roses, grapes, and vines. You can prepare a simple fungicide with 4 teaspoons of baking soda and a gallon of water. Apply the liquid to the plant to prevent the appearance of fungal spores when the plant starts to grow.

7. Use an egg carton to plant seeds.

Having all your seeds organized before planting them is crucial to not mess with their space in the garden. An egg carton is a perfect solution for this. Fill the carton with dirt and start planting the seeds. Spray them with water and keep them in a warm place. When the leaves grow from the carton, you are ready to plant them.

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