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7 Tricks That Can Help Your Car on Cold Days

Finding your car frozen in the morning can take away all the magical feelings that snow typically provides for us. But you can get it back by preparing your vehicle for the cold and snowy days. 5-Minute Crafts will share helpful tricks to make your winter driving smoother.

1. Defrost your windshield.

It’s never comfortable to defrost your windshield from the outside in the cold, no matter how used to low temperatures are. But there’s a way you can do it from the inside. To do so, fill 2 mittens or socks with uncooked rice. Place them in the microwave for 30 seconds.

While you’re inside the car, take the sock and glide it on the windshield glass. Make sure not to stay more than 10 seconds in one spot to avoid the risk of glass cracking. The heat will transfer to the glass, and the ice will melt. Once you notice that the frost has melted, turn on the wipers and clean off the slush.

2. Keep socks in your glove compartment.

During winter, keeping socks in your glove compartment can save you. You can put them on if you need to push your car when stuck in snow or ice because they can provide extra traction and give you easier footing.

One of the ways you can use socks on your car is to help your wipers. Socks will prevent them from freezing, and they might make the de-icing process in the morning easier. After you get out of the car, raise the wiper blades and slip the socks on over the ends.

3. Use shaving cream on your windshield.

Waiting for the windows to defog once you get inside the car can be irritating and time-consuming. One trick to save time and always have clean windows is to use shaving cream. Coat the windows from the inside of your car with a thin layer of shaving cream, then wipe them clean.

4. Use plastic bags for your side mirrors.

Keeping side mirrors frost-free is easy with this trick. Just take rubber bands and gallon-sized plastic bags. Wrap your side mirrors with the bags and secure them with rubber bands. Next time you need to go for a drive, they will be clear and ready for driving.

5. Use hand sanitizer.

Once the temperature drops very low, there’s a chance the car locks will freeze, and this means that the key can get stuck inside. All you need to do is coat the keys with hand sanitizer. This will melt the ice, enabling you to unlock your car.

6. Use cooking oil spray.

Doors are known to get stuck once the temperature drops. And fighting with them in the morning to open them is not a very fun way to start your day. So, the night before, take some cooking spray, coat the door’s rubber edges, and wipe off the excess. This will prevent the doors from freezing.

7. Park your car in the right position.

This might not be possible for everyone, but if it is, it’ll help you a lot. Park your car facing east. This way, when the sun rises, some of the snow will melt and it’ll be easier to clean and scrape the ice off in the morning.

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