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7 Tricks You Can Use to Keep Food Fresh for Longer

7 Tricks You Can Use to Keep Food Fresh for Longer

When we return from the supermarket, we often store our purchases in the fridge and in the cupboard without any specific order or care. However, if we store our products properly, they could last longer and thus save us money.

5-Minute Crafts wants to teach you some hacks to keep your food fresh for longer.

1. Asparagus

Preservation time: 1 week, approximately

To keep your asparagus fresh in the fridge, put the stems in a container with water, place a plastic bag over them, and seal the cover with a rubber band.

2. Bread

Preservation time: 1 week

Insert a stalk of celery into the bag of sliced bread and close it tightly. The celery will help absorb moisture and delay the production of mold.

3. Wheat flour

Storage time: 6 months

To keep insects like weevils out of wheat flour, store it inside an airtight container with 2 or 3 dry laurel leaves inside. Keep the product in the cupboard.

4. Avocados

Whole avocados

Ripening time: 3-4 days

Do not store unripe green avocados in the fridge, humidity will cause their peels to darken and develop mold. Place the avocados inside a closed paper bag. Place them in the pantry in a cool area until they are ripe.

Open avocados

Refrigeration time: 1-2 days, approximately

When refrigerating split or sliced ripe avocados, leave them together with half an onion inside a plastic container and cover. The enzymes in the onion extend the life of the fruit.

5. Cookies

Time for consumption: 2 weeks

Keep the baked cookies in an airtight glass container next to a slice of bread. This will absorb the extra moisture, maintaining the crunchy texture of the cookies.

6. Tomato paste

Freezing time: 6 months

If you have an open container of tomato paste in your fridge and you don’t plan to use it inside of a week, it could go bad. Freeze the tomato paste in small portions in an ice cube tray or wrapped in wax paper in an airtight plastic bag.

7. Whole ginger

Refrigeration time: 3-4 weeks

Place the ginger roots with their skins in a glass container. Fill it with cold boiled water. Keep it closed and refrigerated. It will stay fresh for longer and you can incorporate it into your meals or drinks.

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