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7 Useful Ways to Use a Sponge

Sponges might be one of the best cleaning aids. However, it can be surprising how useful they are outside the kitchen.

5-Minute Crafts will show you 7 unusual ways of using sponges that may surprise you.

1. Create a nail polish remover jar

To make it, you need a jar, some sponges, and nail polish remover.


  1. Take two sponges
  2. Roll or squeeze them
  3. Put the sponges in the jar
  4. Pour nail polish remover into the jar
  5. Close the jar and let the sponges absorb the remover
  6. When you need to remove polish from your nails, open the jar, put your finger between the sponges and rub your finger.

2. Make a glue sponge

If you want to avoid messy glue puddles or excessive uses of glue, go for a DIY glue sponge.

You will need a shallow, tight-sealing container, a sponge, and white school glue.


  1. Put the sponge in the container and pour some glue on top of the sponge
  2. Spread the glue over it
  3. Cover the container with the lid and set it aside overnight

3. Hide money inside a sponge

You might consider hiding some of your money separate from your wallet while traveling or moving. A simple household sponge can be the solution.


  1. Make a small hole in the sponge using a utility knife
  2. Fold the money to make it fit in the sponge
  3. Put it inside the sponge

You can now put the sponge in your travel bag.

4. Use it as a toe separator

It can be good to use a sponge as a toe separator while nail painting.


You need to cut the sponge into cubes and put them between your toes. It will help you to separate your toes so they do not overlap.

5. Make a sponge soap dish

This idea is good for the bathroom as a soap dish sponge prevents soap from slipping on the sink. You will need a large sponge without a textured side.


  1. Grab a bar of soap, and put it on top of the sponge. Trace the bar’s shape.
  2. Take craft scissors and cut the sponge in half
  3. Follow the lines that you have stenciled, making a cut using a utility knife
  4. Cut out the smaller sponge piece using craft scissors

Now you can use the bigger piece of sponge as a soap dish.

6. Make DIY ice packs

You might be seeking a better solution for keeping your food cool as ice cubes may seem pretty heavy. Sponges can help here. They weigh three times less than small ice packs.

To make a DIY ice pack you need a new or clean sponge and a resealable plastic zipper sandwich bag.


  1. Get the sponge wet (you can put it in the bowl of water) and squeeze it gently.
  2. Seal the sponge in the bag
  3. Freeze it overnight

Just put it in a bag with food when you need to keep food cool.

7. Create pads for furniture legs

If you are tired of furniture scratches on the floor, try to make pads from sponges using some white glue.


  1. Cut the sponge into cubes
  2. Put some glue on the bottom of the furniture legs
  3. Glue the sponge cubes onto the furniture legs
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