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8 Ways to Boost Your Confidence

Confidence is a skill that is learned. It’s normal to lack it sometimes, and you don’t need to worry about it constantly. There are many tips that can help you build confidence, and you can adapt to the environment through non-verbal communication. And we at 5-Minute Crafts are here to help you figure out how.

1. Smile more.

Never shy away from putting on your best smile. The act of smiling can trick your mind into thinking it’s happy, and you will appear more youthful. As your muscles contract, your brain gets an immediate mood boost — people smile back at you. It’s a great combo for you and others.

2. Pay attention to your posture.

You’ll look more self-assured and poised if you stand tall or straight, and others will notice your presence. On the other hand, if you’re slouched or slumped, you’ll seem like you’re sad or have low self-esteem. The same goes for when you’re sitting up straight in your chair.

3. Exercise more.

Physical activity is always good for the body and mind; study found that it improved participants’ body image, which made them feel more confident. So be sure to take time for yourself and stay active.

4. Take a deep breath.

Deep breathing can also help you appear confident. This is great for your health because when you breathe deeply, all the muscles in your body relax, and your face and posture are more at ease. Don’t hesitate to try breathing techniques with the tongue, such as horse breathing, a vibrating breathing technique.

5. Experiment with new facial expressions.

All you need is a little practice in front of a mirror doing the following:

  • Squint your eyes.
  • Pull up the area of skin over your eyelids.
  • Try the same thing with your ears.
  • Tuck your lower lip slightly under your upper lip.
  • Pull your nostrils in to create the appearance of a narrow nose.

6. Dare to get a new hairdo.

You can improve your confidence with a new hairstyle. Many people connect confidence with feeling in control, and hair is something most of us can be in charge of. Styled hair makes us look like well-managed, put-together people. And it can help us feel that way inside too.

7. Dress well, but pay attention to detail.

The better dressed you are, the better you’ll feel, and more self-confidence will radiate from you. Ensure that your look is always neat and put together. Remember to iron your cuffs and collars to have a tidy look. Most of us love button-up shirts, however, the gap between the buttons may be a bit annoying when it’s too tight. There are plenty of tricks to fix it.

  • Purchase the right bra that fits well — one that’s too big may cause that gaping effect.
  • Ensure your button-up shirts are perfectly fitted and not pulling across your chest.
  • Use some double-sided tape, as it can be a quick life-saver.
  • Consider layering a pretty camisole under your button-up, and don’t forget to unbutton the first few buttons.
  • Try sewing that extra button the shirt comes with to the area you need.
  • Your accessories matter just as much. It’s all about the details. For example, if the end of your belt hangs, use some double-sided Scotch tape to stick it down.

8. Wear the right colors, and know the color codes.

Colors can change our mood and how we feel. You don’t have to wear every colorful piece of your wardrobe — just adding the right accessory can do the trick. Although the perceptions of color are primarily subjective, some colors have universal meaning, like the following:

  • Black is associated with sadness but also elegance.
  • White stands for purity and innocence.
  • Red can signify passion and love.
  • Blue often represents sadness and calm.
  • Green can mean optimism and envy.
  • Yellow symbolizes warmth and frustration.
  • Purple can stand for mystery, wisdom, and wealth.
  • Brown represents reliability and strength.
  • Orange can signify enthusiasm and attention.
  • Pink can mean femininity and tenderness.
Please note: This article was updated in July 2022 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.
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