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A Guide for Different Types of Garden Tools

There are a lot of gardening tools out there, and they all come in different shapes and forms, often with different purposes. Since there are so many of them, it can be quite troublesome to remember which one does what. 5-Minute Crafts has prepared a quick guide to explain their functions.

1. Preparing soil


  • It’s a tool you can use to either apply, spread, or shape materials. Additionally, you can set up small plants with it.


  • It’s used to loosen up the soil while crops grow.


  • It’s used to either smooth or loosen up the ground’s surface. It can be helpful if you need to gather materials like rocks and leaves too.


  • You can use it to make holes in the ground for your plants, seeds, or even bulbs.

Garden fork

  • garden fork can be used to turn soil. They’re better than spades when it comes to digging into denser soil.

2. Watering

Watering can

  • You can fill it with water and use it to quench your plants’ thirst.

3. Pruning

Scythe (sickle)

  • You can use a scythe to mow anything from grass to crops because of its long, curved blade. It also usually has a long handle.

Bypass pruner

  • As its name suggests, it’s a tool best used for pruning. Their blades sweep past each other, so they’re especially good at making clean cuts in living wood.


  • Loppers are large-sized pruners. They’re ideal to help you cut branches around 50 mm thick.

Lawn and hedge shears

  • It’s a tool you can use to keep your garden in shape. It’ll help you trim your bushes, shrubs, and hedges.

4. Weeding


  • You’ll use it to get rid of weeds by cutting them below the surface.

5. Multipurpose tools


  • You can use it to loosen the earth around plants, cultivate them, and take care of weeds with its thin and flat blade.


  • It’s good to have one in case you want to either remove or add materials to your garden, like compost and fertilizer, for example. You’ll also be able to get rid of weeds with it.


  • The main difference between a spade and a shovel is that they’re shaped differently. A spade’s shape is what its name suggests, and you can also push it into the ground with your foot.

Note: They’re better for edging, cutting into sod, and even digging trenches.

Soil knife

  • It’s a versatile tool used to plant bulbs, flowers, vegetables, and other things. You can also dig out weeds with it, remove pebbles, or even cut through roots.

6. Transportation


  • Their function is very straightforward. They’re here to help you carry things around, whether it be tools or the material you’ll need for your garden.
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