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A Guide on Types of Wedding Bouquets

A wedding bouquet is an integral element that complements the bride’s look. This accessory draws guests’ attention and ties all the wedding decor together.

5-Minute Crafts is telling you about different types of bouquets that are popular among brides. We hope it will help you choose the perfect bouquet for your big day.

1. Cascade bouquet

Cascade bouquets visually resemble a waterfall, consisting of flowers and greenery. Such bouquets drop down in front of the hand and form an upside-down teardrop shape. They are rounded at the top and get narrow at the bottom. Among plants, items popular for creating a cascade bouquet consist of flowers like roses, lilies, peonies, hollyhock, poppies, and foxgloves. The arrangement is often finished with trailing ivy and fresh foliage that create a beautiful tapering effect.

2. Round bouquet

This is one of the most well-known styles of wedding bouquets. As the name suggests, such bouquets have a round shape. They can include several types of flowers, but using one type of plant is most effective in creating a uniform and symmetrical round bouquet.

3. Biedermeier bouquet

Biedermeier bouquets have a round shape and consist of a tight bunch of uniformly cut flowers wrapped with a wire of fabric. Flowers in such a bouquet are arranged in concentric circles around each other, creating the effect of stripes. Moreover, there can be any number of circles.

4. Pomander bouquet

The bouquet looks like a round ball of flowers hanging from a ribbon and carried in a handbag-like fashion. Sturdy flowers, such as roses, carnations, sunflowers, and gerbera daisies are perfect for this bouquet. The stems of the flowers are hidden inside the ball.

5. Pageant bouquet

This is an elegant, long bouquet where the flower stems are extended. It should be lying along the bride’s arm, while the flowers themselves will be located a bit higher than the elbow. The bouquet can be simple, intricate, or bright. To create it, florists use flowers on long stems, such as roses, orchids, calla lilies, and lilies — also, the arrangement is complemented with long leaves.

6. Nosegay bouquet

This is an elegant, classic-style bouquet. Such bouquets are relatively small and consist of a tight bunch of flowers that are cut to equal length and wrapped with fabric or ribbon. Due to its compact size, the bouquet is perfect for bridesmaids.

7. Hand-tied bouquet

This bouquet is hand-tied with a ribbon, which gives the arrangement a casual look from the loose stems. Such bouquets are chosen by brides who prefer a natural style.

8. Composite bouquet, or glamelia

In this bouquet, they use a lot of buds, petals, and blooms. They are united in an arrangement that looks like a single, giant flower made from smaller flowers. Such bouquets help emphasize the luxurious atmosphere of the wedding and are often made in a soft color palette.

9. Asymmetrical bouquet

This bouquet looks different from different sides, thus, one side of the bouquet can be significantly higher than the other, or, for example, one side can have a major accent while the other won’t. The asymmetrical bouquet is normally a mix of foliage and florals.

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