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A Guide to Different Types of Fashion Gloves

Gloves have been worn since ancient times. Nowadays, there are a lot of glove styles to choose from and they can be a great addition to any outfit.

5-Minute Crafts created a guide on how to distinguish different types of gloves.

1. Driving gloves

driving glove is typically made of thin, soft leather that is used to give a driver better control of the vehicle by increasing their grip on the steering wheel. These gloves first made their appearance way back during the 1890s and they have been used ever since.

2. Mittens

mitten is a type of glove that covers the entire hand but doesn’t have separate finger openings. Usually, mittens keep the thumb separate from the other 4 fingers. Because they have a smaller surface area exposed to the cold, mittens provide better thermal insulation than normal gloves. Mittens are commonly associated with winter and children’s clothing.

3. Fingerless gloves

These comfortable and lightweight gloves are frequently made out of cooling fabric and are used for sun protection. Fingerless gloves are a good option for outdoor activities like gardening or even hiking.

4. Evening gloves

Evening gloves are long gloves worn by women as part of a formal outfit, usually an evening gown or a wedding dress. The longest evening gloves are commonly referred to as “opera gloves.” These gloves cover a significant portion of the forearm, up to just below the elbow.

5. Touch screen gloves

Touch screen gloves are designed to be as functional as possible. They’re made of an incredibly thin and stretchy fabric, so you can use your phone as much as you want with these gloves. They have silicone grips on the palm to keep your phone from slipping out of your hands.

6. Cycling gloves

Made specifically for cycling and protecting the hands from a fall — these gloves provide comfort, protection, and warmth. When cycling in cold weather, gloves are essential for shielding the hands from the wind and the cold. Because cycling puts a lot of strain on the hands, these gloves are also padded to increase comfort.

7. Button gloves

Button gloves are traditionally hand-knitted and a great choice during winter. These gloves are commonly seen in shades of brown, grey, and green. They’re soft to the touch can make any outfit look more put together.

8. Arm warmers

Another good option for winter, these gloves keep your hands and arms warm and cozy. Arm warmers are easy to incorporate into any outfit and are great for mild winter days when it’s cold, but still warm enough to go outside.

9. Faux fur gloves

Ideal for wearing in mild climates, these gloves usually have faux fur around the wrist. Fur gloves are elegant, fancy, and are best worn with a more formal outfit. During harsh winters, this glove type might not be sufficient.

10. Neon fishnet gloves

While giving a nod back to the ’80s, neon fishnet gloves are super thin and suitable for fun casual parties, dance events, or even Halloween.

11. Velvet gloves

Velvet gloves are one of the most elegant and chic glove types. They’re stretchy, breathable, and incredibly soft to the touch.

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