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A Guide to Types of Bread

Bread is one of the most popular food items all over the world. The main ingredients for making bread are flour and water. And it is made through baking. At the same time, there are a lot of varieties of bread and bakery products.

5-Minute Crafts would like to tell you about what types of bread there are.

Whole wheat bread

This bread is made from flour which is partly or entirely milled from whole or almost-whole grains of wheat. The use of this flour guarantees that all healthy and important ingredients are preserved during the making of whole wheat bread.

Rye bread

This bread has come from Europe and is made only from rye flour or a mixture of rye and wheat flour. It has a dense crumb and a strong taste of rye. It can be light or dark in color depending on the type of flour used and the addition of coloring agents.


This is a thin long French bread with a crispy crust. A baguette is made from wheat flour, common salt, yeast, and water. Its name can be translated as “stick” or “wand.” A baguette got this name because of its shape. The diameter of a baguette is usually 2–2 1/2 inches, and its length is usually about 26 inches, although it can reach even 39 inches.

Brown bread

This bread is made from whole grain flour, usually wheat. Sometimes dark ingredients such as molasses or coffee are added to the bread. Some varieties of brown bread are made from rye flour.

Bread for toasting

This bread is usually sold already cut into slices. The slices should be toasted in a toaster, which alters the flavor of the bread and makes it firmer. This makes it easier to spread various toppings on it such as butter, jam, or jelly.


Ciabatta is an Italian white bread made from wheat flour, salt, olive oil, water, and yeast. It was first made in 1982 by a Verona baker after the French baguettes became very popular. The word “ciabatta” means “slipper” in Italian, and the bread has a porous texture with holes.


Due to the increased amount of eggs and butter in the dough, this French pastry bread has a soft, light, and fluffy texture. In addition to flour, different liquids can be used during its preparation, such as milk, cream, or water. The taste of the bread is sweet and buttery. It has a golden crust because it’s brushed with an egg wash before baking.


Challah is a braided Jewish bread eaten on special occasions. The main ingredients of this soft sweet bread are white flour, sugar, yeast, eggs, water, and butter.


Focaccia is a flatbread, baked in the oven. This bread has Italian roots. Its main ingredients are high-gluten flour, water, yeast, salt, and oil. Focaccia can be savory or sweet, oily, have a dry texture, contain rosemary and olives. The texture of this bread is similar to pizza.

Multigrain bread

2 or more types of grain are used to make multigrain bread. The most common grains used are millet, barley, flax, oats, and wheat. Edible seeds such as sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, or flax seeds can also be added to this bread. The concept of “multigrain” simply means that the bread is made from several types of grains.

Sourdough bread

This bread has a dense texture. Its taste is slightly sour due to the use of sourdough. Sourdough is obtained through the process of fermentation of water and flour. Lactic acid from fermentation gives the bread a sour taste and improves its keeping qualities. Sourdough bread has a dense crust and a soft core.

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