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A Safe Distance to Watch TV From

Our parents often told us not to sit too close to the TV because we’d “ruin our eyes.” In fact, it’s quite hard to make your vision worse by watching TV, but what it can lead to is eye strain. But what can you do if you are sitting in front of a huge screen? The answer is simple: you should choose the right TV size from the very beginning.

5-Minute Crafts is going to tell you how to keep your eyes safe from strain when watching TV.

Sizes from 32 to 50 inches

Here are the optimal distances to watch TV from depending on the screen size:

  • 32’’ — 4.5 ft
  • 40’’ — 5.6 ft
  • 43’’ — 6 ft
  • 50’’ — 7 ft

Sizes from 55 to 70 inches

  • 55’’ — 7.7 ft
  • 60’’ — 8.4 ft
  • 65’’ — 9.1 ft
  • 70’’ — 9.8 ft

Sizes from 75 to 85 inches

  • 75’’ — 10.5 ft
  • 80’’ — 11.2 ft
  • 85’’ — 11.9 ft

Movie theater

Interestingly, when we are in a movie theater, we sit quite close to the big screen and still get the necessary effect and positive impressions. Why can’t we do the same at home? The thing is, not all TV content is meant to fill up the entire field of view. Our visual system has a total field of view of about 200 degrees and a portion of it is peripheral vision. When watching films in a theater, it’s about 40° out of 200, and at home, only 30°.

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