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Cleaning Mistakes Almost Everyone Makes

There are little things that can turn a simple cleaning session into a long and unpleasant process.

5-Minute Crafts is going to tell you about the mistakes we regularly make when cleaning and how to avoid them.

Washing windows on a sunny day

Experts on window washing recommend doing it on cloudy days. When it’s sunny, the lather will dry very quickly, leaving streaks. This way, the windows will remain dirty.

Using dirty tools

It won’t make much of a difference if you clean your house with dirty tools. Old rags, sponges, brooms, and other tools will only move the dirt and dust around surfaces instead of removing them.

In order to be sure the cleaning is effective, replace old tools with new ones regularly.

Starting to clean in the wrong spot

If you start cleaning in the wrong spot of the room, you might spend way more time doing so. Start at the top of the room, because if you go in the opposite direction, like by washing the floor first and then dusting off your furniture, you will have to wash the floor again because the dust will have settled on it.

Cleaning the drains only when they are clogged or when there’s a bad smell

Drains get clogged slowly and we often don’t even notice it. Food leftovers, dirt, and dust all stick to the inside of the pipes and build up. And only then do the pipes get clogged.

In order to avoid this, we should clean the pipes regularly. For example, you can use the following method. Boil some water, then pour a bit of dish soap into the drain and add hot water to dissolve the grease. After that, pour a glass of baking soda into the pipe and add 1 cup of vinegar. A bit later, wash the drain with hot water.

Using a broom before or instead of vacuuming

Even though brooms are good at removing dust and dirt from almost any area of the home, using it before or instead of vacuuming is a big mistake.

When sweeping, you might throw a lot of dust into the air that will settle around the entire room. Use a vacuum first to remove the dust, then you can use a broom to remove bigger pieces.

Not using gloves when washing the bathroom and the toilet

Most cleaners for toilets, pipes, mold, and fungus contain ingredients that can cause skin and eye irritation. In order to be safe, make sure the room is well-ventilated and wear rubber gloves. If a detergent gets on your skin, wash it with cold water immediately.

Using regular detergent instead of specialized ones for carpets

One of the main pros of specialized carpet cleaners is that they don’t form a lot of foam. This is why they don’t only effectively clean stains from carpets but are also easy to remove from them.

Regular detergents are very foamy, and they are hard to remove from the carpeted surface. If you still want to use regular detergent, opt for a liquid one.

Using bleach for cleaning the inside parts of the toilet tank

Be careful when choosing cleaners for toilet tanks. Those with bleach can corrode metal.

Using window cleaners to wash glass-top stoves

It seems like a good idea to use a glass cleaner on a glass-top stove, but it’s not. Most glass cleaners contain ammonia and leave stains on the surface.

Don’t use such cleaners, and opt for white vinegar instead.

Using a magic eraser for washing dishes

Magic erasers work like a very fine abrasive. Yes, they can remove some stains, but they also scratch the protective layer of some surfaces.

Don’t use magic erasers on non-stick surfaces or stainless steel.

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