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Different Kinds of Pears: Explained

pear is the fruit of a pear tree. It’s easy to recognize thanks to its shape that looks like a bell. In the northern hemisphere, pears are harvested from the end of summer until October. At about the same time, you can see lots of them in the supermarkets.

5-Minute Crafts found 10 popular kinds of pears. We’re going to tell you what they taste like and how to tell them apart.

1. Conference

Country of origin: Great Britain

Appearance: average-sized fruits, elongated shape. The skin is thick and brown-green. The pulp is white and juicy, with a soft texture. When they are ripe, the skin and the pulp are pale yellow.

Taste: sweet, rich

2. Packham

Country of origin: Australia

Appearance: the size varies from medium to big. The lower part of the fruit is wide going up into a round top. The skin is green which gets yellow with small orange spots when it’s ripe. The pulp is white, juicy, and sweet.

Taste: sweet, creamy

3. Santa Maria

Country of origin: Italy

Appearance: the fruits are average-sized, they have an elongated shape. The skin is smooth, thin, yellow-green with small green spots. The sides might be pinkish. The pulp is white, crunchy, and a little watery.

Taste: sweet, tart

4. Forelle

Country of origin: Germany

Appearance: the fruits are small, symmetrical, with a round bell-shaped bottom. The smooth skin changes color from green to yellow and then gets covered with a red shade and spots. The pulp is dense, crunchy and might be white or creamy.

Taste: sweet, spicy, cinnamon-like

5. Alexander Lucas

Country of origin: France

Appearance: the fruits are big and round. The skin is thick and quite smooth. The color goes from green to yellow. The pulp is crunchy, white, and a bit watery.

Taste: sweet, rich, a bit sour

6. Williams

Country of origin: Great Britain

Appearance: the fruits are average or big. The skin becomes thicker and lighter as the pear gets ripe. The pulp is sweet and has a good smell, and the color varies from creamy to ivory.

Taste: sweet, rich

7. Abate Fetel

Country of origin: France

Appearance: the fruits are long, thin, a bit curved. The skin is usually green-yellow with brown spots. The pulp is white and juicy, velvety.

Taste: sweet, rich, honey-like

8. Anjou

Country of origin: France

Appearance: the fruits are average-sized, egg-shaped. The skin is bright green, smooth, covered in brown spots. As it ripens, the side that gets more sunlight becomes pink. The pulp can be white or creamy, oily.

Taste: elegant, sweet, lime and lemon

9. Beurre Bosc

Country of origin: Belgium (according to one of the versions)

Appearance: the fruits vary from big to medium, with an elongated shape and a round bottom. The skin is thick and golden tan with brown spots. The pulp can be ivory or creamy, thick, crunchy, with a strong honey flavor.

Taste: sweet, rich

10. Asian

Country of origin: China and Japan

Appearance: the fruits are round to oval, they have green skin and red-brown spots. All the kinds have rough skin with a thick texture, and a crunchy, watery pulp, the color can be white or ivory.

Taste: sweet, a bit sour, and flowery

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