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Everyday Things You Can Replace With a More Eco-Friendly Alternative

It’s really important to take care of our planet as much as we can by reducing the amount of plastic we use, sorting through the waste, and recycling it in special places. But not all of these things are easy to do.

But today at 5-Minute Crafts, we’ve prepared a small list of things you can replace with more eco-friendly options.

Reusable swabs

Convenient cotton swabs already have a reusable alternative. Their tips are not covered in cotton but are made from medical silicone. You can use 1 swab around 1,000 times. But, of course, you have to wash the swab with water and soap after each use.

Bamboo floss

In order to produce bamboo floss, less energy and water are needed than what you’d use for plastic alternatives. Another obvious advantage is that bamboo floss decomposes in the ground. Just dig a small pit, put the floss in it, and nature will do the rest.

Metal straws

The most obvious advantage to metal straws is that you don’t have to buy and throw away plastic ones. Such straws can be washed in dishwashers and they last for much longer than plastic ones.

Reusable pads

When removing makeup, we usually need more than 1 cotton swab. We often have to buy new packs of swabs. A great alternative is reusable cotton or bamboo swabs — they are delicate and way more eco-friendly.


This is another thing you can buy, forgetting about disposable razors for good. From a long-term perspective, reusable razors are much cheaper and more eco-friendly than ordinary ones, and the chances of damaging your skin are much lower.

Menstrual cups

Menstrual cups are much cheaper than pads and tampons, and, if handled correctly, they can be used for years. You no longer need to buy pads every month. The cups can hold a lot of liquid, you will be able to sleep well while wearing one, and they don’t cause allergic reactions.

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