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How Manage Cables

Rather than having your cables and power strips sit on top of each other, you could, instead, have them neatly arranged inside of a cable box or even hidden behind furniture. It’ll make your working environment tidier and probably less distracting. We at 5-Minute Crafts will show you how.

Step 1: Disconnect everything.

You’ll need to start with a clean slate, and to do that, you’ll need to disconnect every single cable that belongs to any of the peripherals you plan on organizing. Try to unplug them in groups, all the ones from the left side together, and then the ones from the right, or vice-versa. This might be an important step for you not to mix them up later on.

Step 2: Plan ahead.

Think of a convenient place for your power surge, one that’ll also make it easier for you to cable manage. For example, common places are often the underside of a desk, out of sight on the floor — or even behind furniture. It’s all about strategy.

There’s also an option of using a cable box to hide your power strip.

Step 3: Group your cables.

For this, you might need to have a raceway or sleeve on hand. They’re tools that’ll help you keep your cables tightly together and hidden. Group them up with either velcro or plastic ties — and hide them inside your preferred tool.

Step 4: Add holes.

There might be a few cables you won’t be able to hide, like those belonging to your keyboard or even your mouse if these devices aren’t wireless. For these specific cases, you can drill a hole in your desk, out of sight. It’ll allow these cables to be hidden away without too much effort.

Step 5: Reconnect everything.

After you’ve finished everything, you can reconnect your cables to where they belong. Make sure to use your newly added features and to hide them away as best as you can.


You’ve also got the option of mounting your monitors to the wall. This way, you can either route their wires through the wall down to the power source, or hide them with the help of a cable raceway — it might not look as clean, but it can be just as aesthetically pleasing.

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