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How to Become Popular on TikTok

Short, fun, and trendy videos from TikTok attract many people of any age. Getting popular on this social media platform can allow you to become an influencer and open up a lot of opportunities. And getting this fame will not be as hard if you know some witty tricks.

5-Minute Crafts has collected 9 timeless tips that can help anyone to turn into a TikTok star!

1. Find your niche

The most popular categories on TikTok include entertaining content, dance videos, pranks, sports, DIY, beauty and fashion, and cooking. In fact, it was analyzed that comedy videos tend to get the most likes out of all categories. Therefore, to get a good start on the platform and have a higher chance of getting noticed, try to make your content somehow related to these trending categories.

2. Don’t be scared to experiment

The audience likes unique content that they have never seen before. Let yourself go wild and create something surprising. Whether it’s a funny video, a dance, a performance, or a makeup tutorial, don’t be scared of improvising. Add your own perspective and personal touch to your creations. Also, make sure your content can evoke people’s emotions, in humorous, heart-breaking, or even controversial ways.

3. Monitor current trends

Even if you post very original content, it will be hard to reach popularity if people generally don’t find it interesting. Make sure you always know what is popular on the platform right now. If you see that people do it a lot, then you can try to do it too. For example, you can go through the #foryoupage and check rising trends and challenges, and recreate them, adding something unique too. This way your content has a higher chance of getting more likes and views.

4. Catch attention with your video cover

Interesting and eye-catching thumbnails will make people click on your videos when they scroll through your profile. Grab viewers’ attention by using a close-up shot of your face, making a funny, surprising, or curious look. Also, you can put the best part of the video on the cover, so people get interested in clicking on the video and wait to see that part. You can also analyze the content covers of popular TikTockers and apply their strategies to your own creations.

5. Make use of text plates

When people don’t understand what is going on in a video, they might close it right away. To avoid this, use text across the screen where you can add explanations and funny comments for the things you do. Not only can this make your video more meaningful, but it can also give you a chance to add more fun to it, communicate with the audience, and add a personal touch.

6. Check the length of your videos

Don’t overdo it and make your videos too long. On TikTok, you can record your videos for up to 1 minute, but content that is around 10-15 seconds long seems to perform the best. Also, medium-sized videos appear on the #foryoupage way more often than shorter ones.

7. Keep posting

The frequency you post matters a lot, don’t post just once or twice a day. People with a bigger follower base usually upload around 3-7 times a day. You can post about anything you like and show some highlights from your day. This way, you have a bigger chance of your content getting watched and liked by more people.

8. Engage with popular content

Look for well-liked videos that are currently trending and react to them. This way people will be bound to see your creations because you responded to something very popular. Once you start growing, you can also collaborate with popular content creators that have way more followers than you do. Contact them and try to make content together, which will help you both to get more followers by merging your audiences together.

9. Don’t overdo it with hashtags

There are lots of popular hashtags that people use under their videos, but using too many of them will only confuse the platform algorithm. In this case, TikTok won’t understand what your content is about and won’t show your creations to your target audience. The best strategy to reach people is to only use around 4-5 trending hashtags.

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