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How to Behave Well in the Workplace

Knowing how to behave well at work is important because it creates an atmosphere of professionalism and mutual respect. It also improves communication and turns the office into a productive place. A sense of respect helps people feel better about their work, and that helps improve relationships with customers or clients. Therefore work is a place where it is necessary to show your best side, so it is good to know how to behave appropriately in the workplace. In this article which 5-Minute Crafts made for you, you will find out what good etiquette is at work.

1. Arrive on time.

When you get somewhere on time, you show others that you respect and value their time and priorities. Therefore come to the meetings on time, finish the tasks before the deadlines and come to work ten minutes before the working hours. As a beginner, it is recommended that you arrive 10-15 minutes earlier to prepare for work.

If you work with clients, it is also a good idea to come earlier so that they do not wait for you. In case you are holding a meeting, plan it well to allow others to move quickly to the next engagement. If you are late, let others know. Give two minutes of warning for each minute you are late. For example, if you are 10 minutes late, email your colleagues 20 minutes in advance so they can adjust their schedule.

2. Dress appropriately and don’t overuse perfume.

It is best to wear modest clothes at work, something comfortable and simple. Avoid strong perfumes and jingling jewelry because this can make it difficult for your colleagues to concentrate while working. In case you are not sure about your company’s dress code, check with the human resources or the employee handbook. If you need to meet with a client, wear professional clothing or business casual. You can also wear something that is in line with their business standards.

3. Greet others politely

When you see coworkers or customers, smile, make eye contact, and say good morning, hello, or good afternoon. Greet known coworkers by name to contribute to a sense of personalization. If it is someone unknown, then introduce yourself and shake hands. These things will help make colleagues and clients feel comfortable around you.

4. Keep your computer and phone muted.

If you work in an office with more than one colleague or are in the presence of a client, it is best to keep your phone mutated. All these notifications from both the phone and the computer can disturb the concentration of others in your presence, so turn them off. This is very important if you are in a meeting. If you are expecting a call from someone, you can leave the phone on vibrate.

5. Listen attentively

When a colleague or supervisor explains something about work, listen to him attentively. Take notes and nod your head as a sign that you’re listening to them. If something is not clear to you, ask for clarification or repeat the task to show that you understand. Showing that you are listening to someone lets them know that you are interested in the discussion and want to hear the speaker’s opinion. If you happen to speak over someone else, apologize. Do not carry your phone with you if you are in a meeting or one-on-one conversation.

6. Keep the workplace clean.

The workplace should be clean and tidy. As part of the collective, your role is to help keep it that way. If you have used something, be sure to return it to a designated place so that others can find it there. If something gets dirty, like a table or kitchen counter, wipe it down. A clean workplace can increase productivity and motivation within the work team. If there is a place for garbage disposal or recycling next to someone’s desk, and it is full, stop using it. You don’t want to bury a colleague with junk.

7. Meet in designated spaces.

For meetings with two or more people, it’s recommended to use a private office or meeting room. Because, otherwise, the noise from your workspace can bother your other colleagues. Close the door of your office during the meeting. If you can’t go somewhere else for your meetings or have one-on-one office conversations, use low voices to allow others colleagues to work undisturbed.

8. Don’t use the toilet for socializing.

The toilet is not a place for socializing. Therefore, do not make personal phone calls or chat with colleagues there. If you want to talk to your colleagues, you can do it in a designated area.

9. Avoid gossip.

Work is a place where everyone should feel comfortable. For that reason, gossip is not appropriate. If you tittle-tattle at others behind your back, only you will look bad in the eyes of your colleagues. You will show that you do not know how to get along with others and that you do not take your job seriously.

10. Resolve disputes or problems early.

In an environment where there are many people in one place, such as the workplace, there is a high chance that you will not get along well with everyone. It is important to solve a problem with your colleagues as soon as possible at the very beginning. Talk to someone you trust or to your boss about it.

If you feel angry and irritated, keep in mind that the only person you can control is yourself, so don’t allow yourself to react. You should contact the HR department or your team leader in case this dispute or problem prevents you from doing your work, or you feel discriminated against or unsafe.

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