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How to Choose Rubber Boots

Rubber boots will keep your feet dry during rainy seasons. But it’s really important to choose boots of high quality to not to get disappointed as a result.

5-Minute Crafts would like to tell you about what things you should pay attention to when choosing waterproof boots.

The things you should think about when choosing rubber boots

  • Before you go to the store, make up your mind as to what you plan on using the boots for, what time of the year you plan to wear them, and how often you plan to use them. This way, you’ll know what characteristics you need to pay attention to.
  • If you are going to wear boots not only in the warm season, consider models with insulation. Remember that insulation should directly depend on the temperature at which you will wear these boots. The colder the weather, the more layers of insulation your boots will need. Some models have removable layers of insulation, which is very convenient, but be aware that such layers can affect the fit of the boot.
  • When buying, be sure to check the surface of the boots to eliminate all possible defects. The quality of the material should have no blisters, rubs, scratches, or cracks. Otherwise, the boots will start to let water flow through.
  • To check if your boots are waterproof or not, fill them with paper or old newspapers and put them into a bowl of water. After a minute, remove the boots from the water and inspect the paper. If it remains dry, then the boots are fine.
  • Pay attention to the boots’ soles. The more ribbed the sole, the more stable and less slippery the boots will be. The boots with a smoother tread surface are suitable for walking on non-slippery, flat surfaces.
  • Choose the height of your boots depending on where and how often you are going to wear them. The higher the shaft, the heavier the boots will be. If you’re going to wear them for a long time but don’t plan to go fishing, choose a low shaft so you don’t get tired wearing the boots.
  • Be skeptical of decorative elements on boots. Boots with lacing or zipping may seem more comfortable and stylish, but be aware that these inserts can pass water.
  • Get boots one size larger. This way, you can provide your feet with maximum comfort and, if necessary, wear warm socks.
  • If you choose boots for a child, the best option will be ones with a rope-puff. They will help to securely fix the boot on the child’s leg and prevent water from getting inside.

What material to choose

  • Natural rubber boots are soft, flexible, and resistant to wear. They don’t contain any harmful additives. If you want natural rubber boots to last for a long time, they should be cleaned and maintained regularly so as not to dry out.
  • Boots made of nitrile rubber are durable and resistant to various substances, including chemicals. Nitrile rubber is easy to clean and is quite comfortable to wear.
  • PVC rubber boots are comfortable, quite durable and cheap.
  • Polyurethane rubber, or PU rubber boots, are wear-resistant and very durable. They can last up to 3 times longer than natural rubber or PVC rubber boots. Boots made of polyurethane are lightweight, flexible, and resistant to various chemicals.

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