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How to Choose the Right Fluid for Your Windshield Wipers

Today, there are a lot of fluids for windshield wipers in cars. Some manufacturers promise great results, others offer some new features and low prices. But not all fluids are equally good for your car.

5-Minute Crafts is going to tell you what to pay attention to when choosing the right fluid for your windshield wipers.

The advantages of special fluids over regular water

Using regular water to clean the windshield is cheap but it’s not always a safe option. Especially when it’s cold. At low temperatures, regular water will start to freeze inside the car which might lead to the damage of the washing system and the windshield itself.

Aside from that, when it’s cold, water won’t clean the glass well enough and will leave stains on it. At really low temperatures, the water will just freeze on the windshield impairing visibility.

Special fluids made for windshields can work effectively at low temperatures and ensure good visibility on the road, especially in rainy and snowy weather.

It’s also important to note that germs actively reproduce in water. Some of them, such as Legionella can be dangerous for people’s health. Alcohol that is added to special fluids prevents bacteria from appearing in them.

The characteristics you should consider when choosing a good wiper fluid

To make sure the fluid does its job well, it should have some important features:

  • It should be a good cleaning agent and be able to remove dirt at low temperatures.
  • It shouldn’t leave any stains, layers, or anything like that.
  • It shouldn’t have any negative impact on other car parts: the rubber parts of the wipers or the glass itself.
  • It should have a low freezing point.
  • It shouldn’t contain anything that is dangerous for your health.

What you should pay attention to when choosing a windshield wiper fluid

  • Composition
    The basis of most of them is an alcohol solution in combination with water, detergents, dyes, and flavors. It should be remembered that for antifreeze, ethyl (isopropyl) alcohol is better. Methanol is highly toxic. The use of methyl might be harmful to the driver’s health.
  • Temperatures
    Carefully read the description of the product to learn about its features, including the temperatures it remains functional in.
  • Smell
    If the liquid has a strong and unpleasant smell, it is better to avoid buying it.
  • Packaging
    The container should be made of dense material and not have visible damage.
  • Label information
    The label should contain basic information about the product: name of the manufacturer and their address, the date of manufacture and its shelf time, the composition, description, and usage tips.
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