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How to Choose the Right Turkish Coffee Pot

A Turkish coffee pot is used to prepare original Turkish coffee. It’s not possible to prepare this coffee without a properly selected cezve, so it’s important to know what characteristics you should pay attention to when choosing one.

5-Minute Crafts would like to share some secrets with you which will help you choose a cezve for the most delicious coffee.


Pay attention to the neck of the cezve: it should be twice as narrow as the bottom. If the diameter of the neck is smaller than that, the coffee won’t be able to fully contact the water when heated, and the final product will be tasteless.

On the other hand, a neck that is too wide will make the coffee oils evaporate quickly, and the coffee won’t be as fragrant as it could be.


You should choose the size of the cezve depending on how many servings of the drink you plan to prepare.

There are cezves designed for 5-6 servings. And they are not worth buying if you plan to make coffee only for yourself. Because to get tasty and aromatic coffee, you have to fill the entire pot.

If you often treat your friends to freshly brewed coffee, it makes sense to buy not only a small cezve for one person, but also a larger one.


The material of the pot also affects the taste of the coffee.

Originally cezves were made of copper, but now there are many alternatives. If your coffee tastes strange, chances are that the pot you have chosen is made from the wrong material.

Cezves are mostly made of copper, stainless steel, or brass.

  • A cezve made of brass doesn’t rust and is less corrosive that copper, so it will serve you for a long time.
  • copper cezve also doesn’t rust, but it is subject to corrosion, so most of these cezves are coated with a layer of tin from the inside.
  • stainless-steel cezve is very practical. It’s easy to clean and lasts longer than any other alternative. However, this cezve heats up much faster than the pots made of other materials, so it’s highly probable that the coffee will burn.

You should not buy a ceramic or aluminum cezve. Ceramic pots tend to absorb the smell of the coffee, and aluminum can change the authentic taste of the drink.

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