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How to Clean Winter Boots

Taking care of winter boots can be pretty hard: rain, snow, dirt, and humidity can have a negative influence on the condition of any material. But regular cleaning, and also the disinfection of internal surfaces will protect your favorite pair of boots in any weather and return them almost to the way they looked when you bought them.

5-Minute Crafts shares recommendations that will help you protect your shoes, made from any material, from cold weather.

What you need

  • Shoe brush: It’s best if a brush is made of horsehair or wild boar bristles. It’s recommended to have at least one brush for dark boots and one light brush for light boots. It can be your basic working tool if you are not ready to buy a separate brush for cream or wax, and also one for polish.

  • Brush for suede: It’s used to remove dry dirt, clean the seams, and restore the texture of the material.

  • Universal shoe cleaning agent to remove dirt safely from any material.

  • Care product for suede for restoring the color.

  • Cream or wax for leather.

  • Universal water-repelling spray.

  • A few small cloths, a brush for shoes, and an old newspaper.

How to clean leather boots

Step 1. Remove the laces and put some crumpled newspaper inside so that there are no cracks or folds on the surface. Wipe the shoes with a dry cloth to remove the dust.

Get rid of old dirt using a shoe brush. Use a cleaning agent and make sure you follow all the recommendations provided by the manufacturer.

Important: Don’t wet the leather when trying to remove old stains: water can ruin the material.

Step 2. Apply some shoe cream, let it get absorbed, and let the surface dry.

Step 3. Start polishing the surface. The movements should be fast. To improve the effect, use a sponge to make circular movements.

Step 4. Remove the paper, put the laces back in, and wait 15-20 minutes before going outside.

Tip: You can do this 2-3 times a week. For everyday care, you just need to remove the dirt from the surface and apply cream or wax when needed.

How to clean suede boots

Step 1. Put some crumpled newspaper inside. Using a suede brush, clean the surface: the old dirt can be removed with a brass wire.

Step 2: To remove really bad spots, use a professional cleaning product for suede, and then wet the spot a little bit, wipe it with a cloth, and let the spot dry.

Step 3. Apply a suede care product to hide the defects and to make the color more saturated. Wait for the surface to dry and lift the fibers with the rubber surface of the brush.

Step 4. Apple a water-resistant spray. Let it dry. Done!

How to clean boots from the inside

Step 1. Take out the insoles. Replace them with new ones if needed.

Step 2. Mix 1 tbsp of white vinegar with 5 tbsp of water. Put the solution on a sponge. Wash the insoles with the sponge and let them dry. Wash the sponge with water and then dip it into the solution again. Squeeze it and clean the inside of the shoes. Let the shoes dry and put the insoles back in. You can also put the shoes into a plastic bag and put them into a freezer for 12 hours. Done!

Important! Pay attention to the material. If it can’t be cleaned with water, buy a special cleaning agent. Most of the time, this can be a spray to remove the bad smell.

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