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How to Defrost Car Windows

How to Defrost Car Windows

A lot of us have woken up to our car windows being completely frozen, making it impossible to drive. To help you with this, 5-Minute Crafts created a guide with simple steps to defrost your car windows quickly.

1. Turn the heater on.

Start the car’s engine. Turn the heater on using the defroster setting. Leave it on for a while so it absorbs the moisture within the car.

2. Press the air conditioner button.

While it may seem to contradict the previous step, activating your air conditioner will help dry the air within the car faster thanks to the coils present in your A/C system.

3. Turn the air recirculation off.

Make sure your air recirculation is turned off. Winter air is cold and dry and bringing it into the car will increase the absorption capacity to dry the saturated air trapped within it more efficiently.

4. Sweep off the snow.

If there’s snow, make sure to sweep it off with a soft brush.

5. Make a defrosting solution.

Make a defrosting solution by mixing 2/3 cup of rubbing alcohol and 1/3 cup of water. Don’t use hot water. Pour the mixture into a spray bottle. Spray the icy windows and you will see the ice start to disappear.

Note: The alcohol’s freezing point is 138 degrees below freezing so you can store it in your car if needed.

6. Scrape while you wait.

While you’re waiting for the ice to melt and the inside of the car to warm up, you can also use a scraper and a de-icer to speed up the process.

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