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How to Do Online Shopping

Online shopping is quickly evolving because it’s so convenient. But thanks to some marketing tricks, any one of us can lose our focus and buy something we weren’t planning to buy, especially when there are sales.

5-Minute Crafts has made a checklist for finding good online deals. It will help you avoid the tricks of marketers and not spend any more money than you planned.

Some of the marketing tricks you can see in online stores

The goal of any store is to sell as many products as possible or sell them at a higher price to get a profit. When shopping online, you can see some marketing tricks aimed at persuading you to buy something.

  • One such trick is a price tag with “99” at the end. Because we read from left to right, we concentrate on the first number. It means that you might think that $7.99 is much better than $8, while the difference is not $1 but just $0.01.
  • There are crossed-out prices telling you that you can buy something cheaper, like for $80 instead of $100, for example. So, “100” is the anchor price to catch your attention. It seems like you can save $20 if you buy something right now, but, in fact, the goal of the store is to sell the product to you for $80.
  • Such tricks, like a limited sale price or the last product they have, are also used. Sellers create the feeling that this is your last chance to buy it.
  • At one of the last stages of making an order, the website may offer you related products. For example, when buying a smartphone, they might offer insurance, a case, a battery, or good-looking packaging. Because you’re ready to spend the money, an inexpensive addition might seem like a good idea.
  • There’s no such thing as free delivery. It’s already included in the price, so the customer pays for it.
  • The reviews show that other customers trust the store. But it’s also a trick that helps increase sales by 270%.
  • The FAQ section can help the store win clients. The chance of a purchase increases if you can find a lot of additional information about the product on the website.

Check list: how to buy things online

  • Make a list of the important things.
  • Study the market and check the prices before the sales.
  • Determine the budget you’re ready to follow.
  • Check if the things on your list are within the budget. Prioritize the things you’re going to buy.
  • Put the prioritized products in the cart in order not to buy something impulsively during a sale.
  • Check the offers on the website: sometimes stores offer discounts for birthdays, a first purchase, or creating an account.
  • Try looking for a coupon online.
  • On the day of the sale, check the cart again.
  • Check different delivery options. The store might be close to where you live and you might be able to pick up your order yourself.
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