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How to Dry Your Hair Faster Without a Dryer

Have you ever left your blow dryer at home when going on a trip? If the answer is yes, you’ve probably experienced how annoying it is to feel your head wet for a long time, especially during cold weather. Fortunately, there are a few tips to keep in mind if this happens again.

5-Minute Crafts will show you some simple ways to dry your hair faster without any special appliances, which can also be helpful if you want to give your strands a rest from the heat.

1. Don’t forget to condition.

Make sure you deep-condition your hair regularly. Not only will it prevent your hair from getting frizzy, but the silicone in the conditioner acts as a water repellent, which will help you dry it much quicker while using a towel.

💡 Remember that conditioners were designed for the mid-section to the tips of your hair. Don’t apply it to your scalp.

2. Remove the excess water.

After your shower, turn your hair over your head and gently shake. This is an easy but effective way to remove the excess water from your strands, especially if you have fragile locks or a pixie cut.

❗While doing this, make sure to stand over a non-slippery surface.

3. Switch to microfiber towels.

Microfiber towels have many fibers, capable of absorbing a lot of moisture, which makes them a better option than cotton towels when drying your hair.

A good way to use a microfiber towel is to wrap your hair in it for 30 minutes. When you’re done, you will see how your hair is almost dry.

4. Use a T-shirt.

A T-shirt doesn’t have the same rough grooves as a towel does. Therefore, its flat surface allows water to be absorbed when sliding it over your hair.

Try this method by simply patting your hair dry with a soft T-shirt. This technique not only helps you keep your strands smooth, but it also can be a gentler way of drying your hair without promoting breakage.

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