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How to Easily Remove Cherry Pits

If you want to make cherry jam, compote, or cake, it’s better to use pitless cherries so that you won’t choke on them. And if you plan on using fresh cherries, you’ll have to remove the pits yourself.

5-Minute Crafts would like to show you 3 methods for how to easily remove cherry pits with the help of everyday items.

Method 1

  1. Take a bottle funnel and place it on a flat surface with its wide side down.
  2. Take a berry and place it, bottom down, on the neck of the funnel.
  3. Press lightly on the berry so that the pit falls out of the middle.
  4. Remove the pits from other berries the same way.

Method 2

  1. Take chopsticks and a narrow-necked bottle. Remove the cherry stem and place the berry on the neck of the bottle, bottom-up.
  2. Gently poke through the berry with the stick.
  3. When the pit falls to the bottom of the bottle, set the berry aside.
  4. Remove pits from other berries the same way.

Method 3

  1. Get a safety pin.
  2. Stick it into the base of the cherry.
  3. Carefully remove the pit from the cherry.
  4. Remove pits from other berries the same way.
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