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How to Easily Remove Your Pet’s Hair From Any Surface

Hugging or playing with our furry pets is part of our routine and helps show them just how much we love and pamper them. But in this process, it’s inevitable for their hair to get stuck on our clothes, couches, or even the floors and carpets throughout the house. So, 5-Minute Crafts came up with some tips that will allow you to easily remove the hairs your pet leaves on any surface.

Catch hairs with brushes.

⛔ Picking up the hair on a carpet with your hands will take a long time.

✅ You can do it faster by using a pet brush.

  1. Put a nylon stocking on a brush.
  2. Press the bristles through the nylon.
  3. Brush your pet or the surface of your furniture.
  4. The hair will get caught in the nylon and will be easier to remove.
  1. Remove the bristles from a brush.
  2. Place double-sided adhesive tape on the back of the bristle pad.
  3. Stick it on any surface you want.
  4. Your cat will enjoy brushing itself in that specific area.

Sweep up hair with a broom and a sticky dustpan.

  1. Adhere some double-sided tape to a sweeping brush.
  2. Remove the adhesive from the outside.
  3. Sweep the area you wish to clean. The tape will help catch the hair easily and prevent it from getting caught in the bristles of the broom.
  1. Wet a dustpan. Hairs and lint will stick more easily to the pan this way.
  2. Sweep the area and use the wet dustpan. You’ll keep the hairs from flying around.

Remove the hair with gloves.

  1. On a rubber glove, put hot silicone drops or liquid glue.
  2. There should be many droplets on the entire surface of the glove. Let it dry for a few minutes. Always check the silicone is completely dry before moving on to next step.
  3. Caress your pet or run the glove over a hairy surface.
  4. The hairs will stick to the glove.
  • You can also wet a glove with water. When you run it over your furniture, the hairs will stick more easily.

Bonus: Cover your furniture.

  • Place a microfiber sheet or blanket on your pet’s favorite furniture. This way, you can remove it in seconds and keep the surface free of hair.

  • On your bed, you can use a blanket or plush cloth. Its texture allows the hairs to adhere and not spread around the room.

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