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How to Eat Cheap on a Trip

Eating cheap on a trip doesn’t always come easy. However, asking locals for tips might guarantee you good food at a reasonable price. You can also book hotels with complimentary breakfast, so you skip lunch entirely. 5-Minute Crafts will show you a few guidelines to save an extra buck while on the go.

1. Try local food.

Ask locals where they usually eat. They’ll tell you where to go for reasonable prices. These will often be places that cater to families and people from the region. Asking hotel staff can also work, as they might have a few good places.

2. Book a place with a kitchen.

One of the best tips to save money on a trip is to cook your own food. You’ll be able to get ingredients from local markets or even supermarkets. A good meal will still be at the tip of your fingers, albeit cheaper.

3. Look for places with free breakfast.

If you eat a ton at breakfast, you might not feel the need to eat at lunch. This alone will save you a meal worth of money. On the off-chance that you start feeling hungry, you can always take biscuits, cookies, peanuts, and other similar food with you to fill in the gaps between meals.

4. Try street food.

Street food might be the way to go. It can have the taste you’re looking for while often being very affordable. However, take some precautions before you set your mind on a place. Look for something that’s already busy enough; this way, you’ll know it’s safe.

5. Carry your own water.

It can be easy to buy a few filtered water bottles a day. They’ll stack up, and so will the cost of your trip. A simple solution is to bring your own water bottle wherever you go. You can also refill it at public drinking fountains.

6. Opt for lunch instead of dinner.

If there’s a restaurant you really want to go to, eat there at lunch rather than dinner. These menus are usually cheaper and only for a slightly smaller plate than you’d otherwise get at dinner.

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