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How to Fold Clothes Compactly

Oftentimes, the shelves in our homes remind us of a laundry basket, because the things on them are placed chaotically, they take up a lot of space, and it might be hard to find the necessary item in this pile. Moreover, when we are trying to pack our travel suitcase, we find it hard to fit everything that we need inside of it — needless to say, no matter what our final destination is, we will always need an iron to press our clothes.

5-Minute Crafts is sharing secrets of how to fold clothes compactly at home and when traveling.

1. How to fold a jacket and several sweatshirts

1. Spread the jacket on a flat surface and straighten it.

2. Put a pullover and T-shirts over it so that the sleeves of the upper items lie on the sleeves of the items below.

3. Put the sleeves of the upper items on each other.

4. Fold the item in half upward, so that the bottom is located on the sleeves that you folded earlier.

5. Repeat points 3 and 4 with all of the sweatshirts in the pile.

6. Put the jacket’s hood over the stack of folded pullovers.

7. Place the jacket’s sleeves over the hood.

8. Lift its bottom edge over top of the stack that you got.

9. Then turn the bottom of the jacket with the wrong side up and wrap the whole stack with it.

10. It’s ready to go!

2. How to fold a jacket or a thin down jacket

1. Lay the jacket flat on a surface and put its sleeves crosswise on top of it.

2. Turn the bottom of the garment inside out.

3. Move the turned part approximately to the middle of the item.

4. Fold the jacket’s top and its neck part inside the sack formed by the bottom part.

5. Carefully tuck the jacket inside.

6. Put the compactly folded jacket on a shelf or in a suitcase.

3. How to fold jeans or trousers for storing on a shelf

1. Fold the jeans in half with one leg on top of the other.

2. Start to fold the trousers starting from the waistline.

3. Fold them twice — then tuck the upper leg back.

4. After that, keep folding the trousers.

5. Continue doing it until you reach the end of the straight-lying leg.

6. After that, wrap the stack that you get with the leg that you folded back in point 3. Tuck the end of this leg inside the stack that you have.

4. How to fold jeans or trousers for a suitcase

1. Turn the waistband of the jeans down so the inside faces out.

2. Place the jeans on a horizontal surface and straighten them. Then fold each leg in half lengthwise.

3. Start to roll the jeans from the base of the legs.

4. Keep rolling the jeans until you get to the top.

5. Then take the waistband that you folded down, unfold it, and wrap the roll that you got with it.

6. It’s ready! Jeans rolled this way won’t get creased in a suitcase and will take up very little space inside.

5. How to fold socks when storing them at home

1. Lay the socks on top of each other in the shape of a cross.

2. Wrap one sock around the other and tuck its end under the second sock too.

3. Then do the same with the bottom part of the other sock.

4. Fold the remaining parts of the socks in the same manner.

6. How to fold socks when transporting them in luggage

1. Place one sock over another one.

2. Fold the upper part of the sock lying on top, inside, and start to roll both socks.

3. Keep rolling until you reach the upper edge of the sock that you folded inside. Wrap the roll with the free edge of the sock.

7. How to fold a sweatshirt

1. Lay the sweatshirt on a horizontal surface and fold the bottom edge of the sweatshirt with the wrong side out.

2. Bend the front of the sweatshirt toward the center and put the sleeve on top. Repeat this action on the other side.

3. Put the hood over the folded sleeves.

4. Fold the sweatshirt in half and gently wrap it with the part of the item that was turned inside out at the beginning.

8. How to fold a sweater

1. Put the sweater on a flat surface and fold the bottom edge of the garment with the wrong side out.

2. Place the sleeves crosswise in front.

3. Fold the sweater’s front part by first folding one of its halves to the center, then the other one.

4. After that, bend the whole item from its neck part to the tucked edge.

5. Wrap the folded sweater with the part you turned out at the beginning.

6. A compactly folded sweater takes up very little space and can be stored either on a shelf or in a suitcase.

9. How to fold a set of clothes consisting of a T-shirt, trousers, swim trunks, and socks

1. Lay the T-shirt down on a flat surface and straighten it, place the pants and swim trunks folded in half on top.

2. Wrap the shirt so that the pants and swim trunks are inside it.

3. Put socks on top — one toward the other, with the edges out.

4. Start rolling the folded clothes starting from the T-shirt’s neckline.

5. Wrap the roll with the sock’s ends.

6. Good job!

10. How to fold a towel

1. Place the towel on a smooth surface. Fold one of its short edges down, and place the long side of the towel up, toward the middle of the item.

2. Repeat the same actions with the second long side of the towel.

3. Roll the towel.

4. Wrap the roll with the part of the towel that you tucked back earlier.

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