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How to Fold Clothes With Cardboard

Folding clothes can be quite a boring chore. But there is a hack you can use to cut the folding time in half and maybe even have fun. It can also be useful if you are trying to teach your kids how to be tidier and store their clothes properly.

5-Minute Crafts prepared this easy trick for you to help you save time and be creative while ensuring that your clothes stay wrinkle-free.

Items you need to prepare

What you’ll need:

  1. Shipping box cardboard
  2. A utility knife (or scissors)
  3. A ruler and a pen
  4. Duct tape

1. Draw the folding board on the carton.

First, make 4 separate blocks:

  1. Blocks “left” (L) and “right” ® should be 10 inches wide (25.4 centimeters) and 20 inches long (50.8 centimeters).
  2. Blocks “up” (U) and “bottom” (B) should be 10 inches wide and 10 inches long (25.4 centimeters).

2. Cut the carboard.

Then use the utility knife or scissors to cut the cardboard. Follow the lines that you drew.

3. Stick the cardboard together.

Next, take the duct tape and stick the top edges of the cartons together. Attach the cartons so they won’t fall apart but in a way that you can still move them.

4. Fold your clothes.

Finally, you can fold your clothes:

  1. Place the shirt facedown on the center of the board.
  2. Flip one side and then the other side (blocks L and R).
  3. Turn over the bottom part.
  4. Your shirt is now folded.
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