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How to Get Rid of an Unpleasant Smell in Your Shoes at Home

In order to neutralize the unpleasant smell in your shoes, you don’t need anything special — just an orange peel and/or cat litter.

We at 5-Minute Crafts are offering you 6 ways to make your shoes smell good again.

Way № 1

1️⃣ Pour some rubbing alcohol into a spray bottle.

2️⃣ Spray the liquid into the inside of your shoes and leave them overnight until the surface dries.

Way № 2

1️⃣ Take some cat litter and put it into a napkin.

2️⃣ Put the napkin into the shoe and leave it overnight.

Way № 3

1️⃣ Put some lemon, lime, or orange peel into your shoes.

2️⃣ Leave it overnight. This method is good as long as you’re not allergic to citrus.

Way № 4

1️⃣ Take a sanitary pad.

2️⃣ Stick it to the insoles and put the shoes on. Change the pad after each time you use your shoes.

Way № 5

1️⃣ Prepare the shoes, a plastic zip bag, baking soda, corn starch, and your favorite essential oil. This method is best used with shoes with a textile pad in them.

2️⃣ In the bag, mix 3 tbsp of baking soda with 1 tbsp of corn starch and add a few drops of the essential oil.

3️⃣ Mix.

4️⃣ Put the mix into the shoes and leave it overnight. Before putting the shoes on, get all the powder out.

Way № 6

1️⃣ Prepare the shoes and baking soda.

2️⃣ Put 1 tbsp of baking soda into a napkin.

3️⃣ Roll the napkin and fix it as the picture shows.

4️⃣ Leave the napkin in the shoes overnight.

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