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How to Hem Jeans

Sometimes, jeans fit you perfectly but the pant legs are too long. You can go to the nearest tailor or try and fix the problem yourself. You just need some thread, needles, and a bit of free time.

5-Minute Crafts wants to share 3 simple ways to hem your jeans or other pants in minutes (or even seconds).

Way № 1: rolls with decorative hems

  • Roll the edge of the pant leg to get the necessary length. Get a needle and red thread.
  • Hem the edge as the photo above shows: you’ll need to make a ladder. Don’t pull the thread too hard.
  • Take the white thread and connect the 3 stitches together. Get the needle into the fabric to get it out from under the middle of the second stitch. Then, using the thread, take the 2 stitches on the sides and pull them to the one in the middle.
  • Again, put the needle under the middle stitch. Then get it out next to the middle of the middle stitch.

Done! Now iron the edges of the pant legs.

Way № 2: keeping the original hem

  • Put the jeans on and roll them to the length you desire.
  • Measure the length of the lower edge and make a mark with chalk.
  • Roll the edge so that it touches the chalk mark. Make another chalk line in the middle.
  • Fold the pant legs on this line and watch the side seams — they should match. Sew in such a way that the stitch is close to the hem.
  • Roll it inside. You can leave it as is or cut the extra fabric.
  • Iron the seam. This method works best for jeans made of thin denim.

Recommendation: If the seam is too obvious, wash the jeans or rub the edge of the pant leg with a sander.

Way № 3: using scrunchies

  • Roll the pant leg to the length you need.
  • Put a scrunchie on the roll that will hold the fabric.
  • Cover the scrunchie with fabric above it. Roll the edge of the pant leg inside.

Done! This simple trick will help you change the length of your jeans whenever you want.

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