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How to Keep Your Money Safe: 8 Hiding Places

Hiding some cash at home for emergencies or safely taking it with you when you travel can prove to be quite a task. But 5-Minute Crafts knows how you can turn ordinary objects into ingenious hiding spots that will help you to save your secret stash from being stolen.

1. An egg with a secret

Preparation: Take an egg and crack it in such a way that its shell is broken in the middle of one of the egg’s side parts. Remove the yolk and the egg white and clean the inside part of the egg. After that:

  1. Take the eggshell and put a folded banknote inside it.
  2. Add sunflower seeds inside the shell to make the egg heavier. This way, the egg will feel like a real one.
  3. Pour glue on top of the seeds to make them stick together.
  4. Take a piece of sandpaper and even out the surface of the seeds so that they, along with the shell, are on the same level.
  5. Cover the egg with white paint.
  6. Your hiding place is ready!

2. Pocket in a sneaker

  1. Cut apart a sneaker tongue with a blade as shown in the picture above.
  2. Glue a hook-and-pile fastener inside the cut.
  3. Put your money inside and close the fastener.
  4. Your hiding place is ready!

3. Unusual candle

  1. Make a hole with a flat drill in the bottom of a candle.
  2. Hide your money in the hole.
  3. Take a piece of adhesive tape and glue it to the bottom of the candle to hide the hole.
  4. Your hiding place is ready!

4. Lipstick with a surprise

  1. Take an old lipstick and remove the makeup product from the container with napkins. Make sure the container is clean.
  2. Fold a banknote and hide it inside the container.
  3. Twist the “lipstick” inside and close it with a cap.
  4. Your hiding place is ready!

5. Multifunctional toilet paper holder

  1. Take the holder on which the toilet paper is hanging and remove it.
  2. Unscrew the stick.
  3. Fold up your money and hide it inside the spring.
  4. Put the holder’s parts back together.
  5. Your hiding place is ready!

6. Chair with a cash box

  1. Take a chair and remove its soft bottom.
  2. Cut out a piece of cardboard that matches the chair’s bottom and secure it under the chair.
  3. Attach hook-and-pile fasteners to the chair and to the soft bottom of the chair.
  4. Put the money inside the chair on the cardboard.

5. Put the chair bottom back in place, and your hiding spot is ready!

7. A bar of soap with a hidden hole

  1. Make a hole with a drill in a bar of soap.
  2. Fold a banknote in such a way that it fits into the hole and hide it in it.
  3. Cover the hole with the remaining parts of the soap bar.
  4. Your hiding place is ready!

8. Toothpaste with money

  1. Take a toothpaste tube and move the toothpaste with your fingers in such a way that it’s located in the upper part of the tube. Remove any excess toothpaste if necessary.
  2. Fold a banknote and put it at the base of the tube.
  3. Roll up the tube to hide the banknote and secure the result with a paper clip.
  4. Your hiding place is ready!

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