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How to Make a Decision When You’re in Doubt

To be sure about the decision you’re making, use the Descartes square created by Rene Descartes who was a famous French philosopher, engineer, and mathematician. His famous quote is “I think, therefore I am.”

5-Minute Crafts is going to tell you in detail how to make a decision.

Descartes square

The Descartes square is a simple technique that helps you analyze a situation easily and get rid of all of your useless thoughts. It helps to estimate the consequences of all possible choices and set the right priorities.

If you are only analyzing a situation using pros and cons, you might overlook some really important details. And in order to be sure about your decision, you need to have a cool mind when making it.

How to use it:

🔴 Draw a square and divide it into 4 parts.

🔴 As honestly as you can, answer each of the questions and write down the answers.

🔴 Analyze your answers and see how much the answers correlate with your goal and your lifestyle.

Let’s analyze the situation to see how this method works. For example, you want to quit a job you’re tired of but you’re afraid of not having enough money.

Question № 1

✅ You will have a chance to do something that you really like.

✅ You will be able to get a job you wanted to have.

✅ You will become less irritable, and you won’t have to spend time doing something you don’t like.

Question № 2

✅ Nothing will change for better or worse.

✅ You will constantly be stressed out by your job.

✅ You will have to look for free time to do what you like.

Question № 3

✅ You might not be financially stable. But you will be more confident because you were able to overcome your fear and leave a job you hated.

✅ Your life will be different from what it was before, you will step out of your comfort zone.

Question № 4

✅ You won’t be stressed out by looking for a new job.

✅ You won’t even try to make your dream come true.

These questions will help you clarify the consequences of your decision: by visualizing the possible outcomes, you will not fixate on the problem as much. Don’t forget to write your answers down in order to not forget them.

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