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How to Make a Rope Out of a Plastic Bag

How to Make a Rope Out of a Plastic Bag

There might be a situation where a person needs a rope yet doesn’t have one. Fashioning one out of plastic bags is possible, and they are usually something we have laying around at home after grocery shopping.

For that reason, 5-Minutes Crafts has put together a guide on how to make a rope out of plastic bags.

Prepare for the process.

  • Separate the bags by color, as this will make the braiding process slightly easier.
  • Rip or cut the bags in half.
  • At the bottom of each bag, cut a hole.

Create strands with your bags.

  • You’ll need 2 bags for this.
  • With bag 1: Pass it through the hole of bag 2, and wrap it around.
  • Then pass bag 1 through its own hole, and pull it tight.
  • Repeat the process of creating your bags’ strands, until you have 2 strands that are about 4 to 5 bags long.

Braid the strands.

1. Wrap the 2 strands around a fixed anchor, while offsetting the knots.

2. Braid them:

  • For the 2 right and 2 left strands: Pass the right ones over the left and the left strands over to the right.
  • For the middle ones: Pass the left strand over the right.
  • Pull tight, and repeat until you reach your goal.

3. Tie a knot at the end of the rope and trim the excess plastic.

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