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How to Make Yourself Sneeze

You are likely familiar with that not very pleasant feeling when you want to sneeze but can’t. Sneezing is an involuntary reaction of the body. The good thing is that there are ways that can help you sneeze whenever you want.

5-Minute Crafts is telling you how to make yourself sneeze and is revealing several ways how to do it.

Tickle your nose

Perhaps the easiest way to cause sneezing is tickling your nose.

Roll a tissue, place its conical part into your nose and move it slowly back and forth. This way you’ll be able to hit the trigeminal nerve, which will lead to a ticklish sensations and sneezing.

When using this method, make sure the tissue is not inserted too deep inside. Otherwise, there might be a risk of damaging sensitive areas inside your nose.

Look at a bright light

Bright light can cause sneezing in some people. This phenomenon is called the “photic sneeze reflex.” Perhaps you are also one of these people and at the moment you want to sneeze a bright light can help you.

Natural sunlight is the best option for sneezing. However, don’t look directly at the sun as it is bad for your eyes. If you don’t have an opportunity to go outside and expose your face to sun rays, try taking a quick look at the bright light of a lamp. It might work too.

Smell spices

Ground spices can help provoke sneezing too. Pepper works especially well, as it contains piperine, which irritates the walls of the nose when inhaled.

Don’t inhale spices too hard, otherwise you risk damaging the nasal mucosa.


If the aforementioned methods didn’t help you, try chewing gum. Make sure to use mint gum because it’s the smell that can cause sneezing.

However, don’t forget that bubblegum contains a lot of sweeteners and its excess consumption can cause harm.

Squeeze the bridge of your nose

Squeezing the bridge of your nose when you really want to sneeze will help stimulate this action.

The combination of vibration and pressure that happens at the moment when you pinch the bridge of your nose will cause sneezing. However, be careful when using this method. If you don’t remove your fingers from the nose bridge the moment you are about to sneeze, the air will stay between the ears and there is a risk of damaging your eardrums while sneezing.

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