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How to Measure Your Ring Size

The most obvious way to find out your ring size is to go to a jewelry store and measure your finger with a ring sizer. But what if you want to buy a ring online or want to give a present to another person?

5-Minute Crafts would like to tell you how to measure your ring size at home.

Method 1

Take a strip of paper or a non-elastic thread and wrap it around your finger. Mark the spot where the ends of the thread or paper meet with a pencil. You should measure your finger at its widest part, because a ring will have to pass it when you put it on.

Put the piece of paper against the ruler and measure it to an accuracy of half a millimeter. Divide the resulting number by 3.14 (π) to calculate the diameter. Compare the resulting diameter with the data in the picture below and determine your size. Keep in mind that if you choose a narrow ring, the diameter you get should be rounded down, and if a ring is wide (wider than 6 mm), it should be rounded up.

Method 2

Measure the inside diameter of your ring carefully with a ruler. The number of millimeters is the size of the ring.

Method 3

Put the ring on a piece of paper. Draw a thin line around the inside of the item, trying to keep the tip of the pencil as close to the ring as possible. Measure the diameter of the circle with a ruler. That’s your size!

Method 4

This method is good enough for men who choose a ring for their significant other. Put one of her rings on your ring finger until it reaches a point where it can’t move any further. Memorize the spot or take a photo of it. Then go to a jewelry store and choose a ring by trying it on your own hand.

Bonus: International ring size conversion table

Ring sizes are indicated differently in different countries. In Russia, for instance, the size is indicated in millimeters. In the UK, the size is indicated in letters: I, J, K and so on. For your convenience, we’ve put together a single table that contains the most commonly used ring size scales.

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