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How to Open a Can With a Spoon

Sometimes you may need to open a can that doesn’t have a key. And you may also not have a can opener on hand. No worries. If you have a tablespoon, you’ll be able to deal with this problem.

5-Minute Crafts would like to tell you how to open any can with a spoon.

❗ Be extra careful when using this method to avoid getting cut.

Step 1

Place the can on a flat, hard surface. Choose any convenient spot on the edge of the can lid. Get a good grip on the bowl of the spoon and force its tip into the lid.

Step 2

Using constant pressure, rub the bowl of the spoon lightly back and forth over this spot. The metal will quickly start to give way and let the spoon poke through.

Step 3

Poke the spoon through the hole and move it to one side along the edge of the lid tearing the metal like you would do with a can opener.

Step 4

You can stop close to the point where you started. You don’t have to cut off the entire lid.

Step 5

Open the lid but beware of sharp edges. Peel the lid open with the help of the spoon to avoid getting cut. The can is now open.

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