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How to Organize Your Fridge

How to Organize Your Fridge

It’s common to forget we have certain items in our fridge and things past their expiration date just because we don’t keep it organized. 5-Minute Crafts has 6 easy tricks that will instantly make your fridge tidier.

1. Use bins.

A good way to organize everything inside your fridge is to put things inside bins. Placing similar products in the same bin will make retrieving them easier. It is also easier to see when you need to stock up on a certain food group.

2. Use a rotating tray.

rotating tray will help you not let your foods go long past their expiration date as it makes the products very accessible. They are great for opened jars, snacks, or condiments.

3. Attach baskets to the walls.

To make the best of your fridge, you can also stick small baskets to the walls. They are good for putting tiny things that sometimes get lost inside the fridge like string cheese, cheese rollups, and small cups of hummus.

4. Use file organizers to store snacks.

These boxes are perfect to use to store all kinds of snacks as they are good for things that you can pile up. It’s great for things like yogurt, pouches of drinks, and applesauce or chopped veggies. To better organize them, you can also label them.

5. Make an “Eat Me First” box.

Label an “Eat Me First” box and place things that are about to expire inside, especially fruits, veggies, spreads, and leftovers.

6. Use curtain ring clips.

Some fridges have wire shelves or bars at the edge of their shelves. These are great for storing bagged items like shredded cheese or lettuce. You can simply hang them with curtain ring clips and use the space below.

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