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How to Pair Sneakers With Skirts and Dresses

When done right, sneakers fit almost any style. They go well with mini, midi, and maxi skirts or dresses and sequined, floral, or ethnic styles, etc. You can wear them under an elegant suit during the day or night and still have a polished look. To make the most of the elegance with your chunky, white, or ankle-hugging sneakers, you need to follow some golden rules.

5-Minute Crafts rounded up some helpful tips to help you nail your look in your sneakers.

Pick the right shoes for your feet.

There are different types of footwear specific to each sport that enable performance and whose structure is shaped according to the dynamics of the sport. When styling your outfit, opt for the right footwear first and keep its comfort and function in mind. For example, walking shoes are stiff, and running shoes are more flexible and have more cushion. Therefore, it wouldn’t be a good decision to pick walking shoes for jogging.

Way 1. Wear chunky sneakers with dresses and skirts.

Chunky sneakers, also known as dad or ugly shoes, are big and bulky footwear with more layers and material. They have a definite retro vibe and go well with A-line minis, midi skirts, and summer dresses of any length. If you are tall, it’s good to opt for a maxi dress with floaty, boho style cuts or an above-the-knee length dress.

  • When styling them with a midi dress, make sure the colors go well together, and that your feet don’t look big. When in doubt, try a loose-cut midi dress because a tight one may make your feet and calves seem a bit bigger than they are.
  • Ensure that the colors match and aren’t too contrasting. For example, if your sneakers have some grey and light pink details, pick a dress with some pink details. You can complete your look with a lilac bag.
  • If you want to achieve a casual-chic style by adding a twist, with a sporty touch for a vibrant ensemble, go for a multicolored silk dress and with your sneakers. You can complete your look with shades and a bag.

Way 2. Nail your look with white sneakers.

White or cream sneakers are versatile in that they’re easily combined with many types of skirts and dresses in any color. A cohesion is created if the dresses or skirts have some white in them too. This way, they won’t appear too contrary.

  • If you are indecisive about what to wear, a monochrome skirt or dress alongside a sneaker may be a lifesaver. Just know which color you want, then start matching everything in that color. For example, you can wear a crop top and skirt in a bright, eye-catching color, like orange, and accentuate your look with muted accessories.
  • Match your casual flat white shoes with green accents using a striped sweater, a tulle skirt, and a pale pink bag with a chain strap.
  • An all-white outfit is a good idea to try too. You can team up your shirt dress with white sneakers for a casual street vibe. Oversized sunglasses and a quilted leather shoulder bag will be enough to pull off a comfy, stylish look.

Way 3. Style with running shoes.

Matching your running shoes with your skirts or dresses isn’t easy because we generally relate them to marathons or working out. If you keep in mind the ’’sports-luxe’’ or sporty luxe vibe, which is a trend based on achieving practicality and style at the same time, the result will be appealing. Make sure to pick your shoes in sleek silhouettes or aerodynamic styles with minimal bulk so that their soles aren’t chunky but smooth.

  • When styling, match your shoes with a sleek dress or skirt instead of dresses with frills, ruffles, etc.
  • Denim skirts are fashionable and go well with sneakers. They come in various styles, from mini-trapeze to pencil types. You can wear a light blue stone-washed mid-rise pencil skirt in denim, with a zip closure on the front for a sporty look.
  • You can also try your running shoes with a hooded sweatshirt paired with a multicolored midi skirt. Polish your look with a bit of red lipstick.

Way 4. Opt for ankle-hugging sneakers.

It’s possible to go easy with canvas hi-tops as it’s easy to tie them close to your ankle, thanks to the deconstructed body of the hi-top. The body-hugging silhouette of the shoe follows your natural foot line and takes the form of your foot and ankle. Thanks to its boot-like design and tall laces, it goes well with skirts and dresses.

  • If you want to create a balance, you can opt for contrast or a complementary look. Because canvas high tops have this vintage look, they go well with vintage-inspired dresses or skirts and will achieve a classic look too.
  • You can match your Chuck Taylors with a stylish shirt dress to pull off an instant look. Midi-length dresses will work well too.
  • For a trendy but laid-back look, you can opt for a side split skirt showing off your leg from a side cut. You can also complete your aquamarine midi-suede skirt with a pair of ankle sneakers in coral pink, white, and black.
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