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How to Peel a Pomegranate the Fast Way

Some fruits require a special approach because they are really hard to peel in a regular way. Pomegranates are a great example of fruit with a “temper.” But there’s a simple trick to make peeling your pomegranate really easy and fast.

5-Minute Crafts offers a way to peel literally any pomegranate in 30 seconds, while keeping all the seeds intact.

What you need

  • Medium-sized sharp knife

  • Plate

Step 1

  • Cut the skin in a circle, 1 inch away from the top.

  • Remove the skin as the photo above shows.

Step 2

  • Cut the skin from top to bottom along the lines that are visible after you’ve removed the top.

Step 3

  • Carefully pull the slices free until the fruit opens.

How to choose a good pomegranate

  • The skin of a good pomegranate should be a bright red color. It’s okay to have spots of pink or orange. The most important is to not have any green color on the fruit.

  • The skin should be dry, but not overly dry.

  • The skin of the fruit has to be a little rough. If it’s smooth, it means it was harvested too early.

  • There should be no brown spots. They show that the fruit is going bad.

  • Choose solid fruits with elastic skin.

  • If the fruit is soft, it might have been damaged during transportation or it was harvested too late.

  • The color of the seeds doesn’t influence their taste.

  • Pomegranates should have no green sprouts.

  • A good pomegranate doesn’t really have a smell.

  • Shake a pomegranate near your ear and listen to the sound. Ripe fruits have a loud and clear sound.

  • Compare the weights of different pomegranates. The heaviest contains the most juice. Buy it.

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