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How to Pick the Right Bike Size

Buying a bike that fits you right gets easier once you know what size to go for. With that in mind, we at 5-Minute Crafts have prepared a guide to help you with this.

Important: Things like lower back pain, as well as elbow, neck, and knee pain, can mean the bike fit isn’t right for you. If in doubt, get a professional bike fit before you buy yours. This can be important, especially for beginner cyclists and athletes.

Method 1: Use the bike height chart.

For this, simply check the chart above, and see what bike height you should get. It’s the most straightforward and easy method there is.

Method 2: Calculate the bike’s size.

  • First, without your shoes on, stand with your legs 15 cm to 20 cm (6″ to 8″) apart.
  • Then choose your bike type (mountain, city, or road bike).
  • Lastly, calculate the bike’s size using this method:
  1. City bikes: leg inseam measurement (cm) x 0.685
  2. Mountain bikes: leg inseam measurement (cm) x 0.66
  3. Road bikes: leg inseam measurement (cm) x 0.70

Example: If your leg inseam is 80 cm, then your bike size would be 54.8 cm for a city bike, 52.8 cm for a mountain bike, and 56 cm for a road bike.

Method 3: Use the bike size chart.

Below, you can check what bike size you’ll need based on the bike type, your height, and leg inseam. Then, depending on the chart, you’ll be able to find out how to buy your bike with exactly the right measurements.

Mountain bikes

Road bikes

City or hybrid bikes

Kids’ bikes

Based on these, you’ll be able to find just what your right bike size is.

Method 4: Try your bike on.

Bike sizes can differ with brands, which means there’s nothing quite like trying out the bike in person. Some shops will allow you to do this. Others might even have events for customers to test ride their bikes.

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