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How to Polish Stainless Steel

How to Polish Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is a very resistant and infinitely recyclable material that is part of many of our everyday objects. 5-Minute Crafts presents you with 8 different methods to polish stainless-steel pieces so you can repair them and mask minor damages, as well as make them brighter and shinier.

Method 1: Dish soap and baby or mineral oil

Put a little bit of dish soap on a rag and wet it with a modest amount of water. Start wiping all the areas you want to polish. When everything is done, dry any water streaks with a clean towel.

Dab a small amount of baby or mineral oil onto a different rag. Start polishing everything with this rag, following the grain of your steel, moving in either direction.

Method 2: WD-40

Spray some WD-40 onto the stainless-steel piece and then wipe it away with a rag. WD-40 also provides an extra layer of protection that prevents pesky fingerprints from appearing.

Warning: This is a petroleum-based product and should be used carefully on and around surfaces where you’ll have food.

Method 3: Flour

Sprinkle the surface with flour. You can use as much flour as you want. Take a soft cloth and start scrubbing the surface in a circular motion until it starts to shine.

Method 4: Club soda

Spray club soda directly onto the stainless-steel piece and wipe in the direction of the grain. This will give the item a nice shine. Make sure to wipe it clean with a soft microfiber cloth.

Method 5: White vinegar

Wet a soft cloth with a mixture of 2 parts water and 1 part vinegar. Wipe the entire surface with this mixture but make sure the vinegar is not sitting on the surface. Follow this by a good rinse and dry.

Method 6: Toothpaste

For this method to work you just need to put some toothpaste on a cloth or a toothbrush and clean the surface thoroughly. Rinse and dry afterward.

Method 7: Baking soda

Make a soft paste out of baking soda and water. Apply the mixture to the areas you want to polish and let it sit for 20 minutes. Scrub the area with a soft cloth, damped in a solution of water and dish soap. Rinse and dry it afterward.

Method 8: Commercial stainless-steel polish

These types of products can be found in a grocery store: stainless-steel cookware polish, stainless-steel polish, or jewelry cleaner. You can use them as a complement to the methods above. Make sure that the chemicals used on them are not too abrasive or it may ruin the appearance of the object you want to polish.

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