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How to Remove Dents in the Carpet

Believe it or not, removing dents on the carpet left by furniture is not that difficult if you know what to do. Just grab an iron, a towel, and some ice, and your carpet will look like new. The bonus section will tell you how to avoid getting those dents in the future.

5-Minute Craft is sharing some checked ways of how to eliminate such defects.

Carry out preparatory work.

  1. First of all, remove all the furniture from the carpet.
  2. Find the tag and check the composition: those can be synthetic fibers or natural ones. Each material requires its own way of restoration, which is why it’s important to understand clearly what type of carpet you’re dealing with.

Protect the floor under the dent.

Regardless of the composition of the carpet, it will be useful to protect the floor underneath it. It is enough to put a towel or small rug under the place where the dent is.

Process the surface with ice cubes if your carpet is made of synthetic materials.

First, try this method on the edge of the carpet to make sure it’s safe for it. If you have a wooden floor, make sure the towel or whatever you use as protection between the floor and the carpet can really absorb the moisture.

1. Take ice cubes.

2. Place them on the dent the way it’s shown in the picture above.

3. Leave them overnight.

4. Soak the leftovers of the moisture with a clean towel.

5. Remove the towel from under the carpet (the one that you placed there the evening before).

6. Fluff the fibers with the help of a brush or your fingers.

Steam if your carpet is made from natural materials.

1. Get an iron that has a steam function.

2. Set the temperature control to maximum and wait for the iron to heat up.

3. Cover the dent with a damp towel or cloth.

4. Set the iron to medium heat and iron the towel for 30 seconds to a minute. Don’t let the iron touch the carpet directly — it can lead to ignition.

5. Remove the iron and towels from above and below the carpet.

6. Fluff the fibers with a brush or your hands.

We also recommend testing this method on the edge of the carpet to make sure it’s safe for it.

Bonus: How to prevent the appearance of dents on the carpet

  • Regularly move furniture at least 1 inch in different directions every month. This method is fine if your furniture is not very bulky or heavy.
  • Use silicone protectors or special “socks.” They will work well with chairs and other furniture with legs.
  • Choose carpets with short fluff because dents are less visible on them and they’re generally easier to clean.
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