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How to Restore Your Old Tools

Tools do most of our work daily. They add ease to our everyday tasks, and without them, our life wouldn’t be as bearable. Over the years and through different weather conditions, they might lose their shape and usability and even start to rust. If you are looking forward to fixing and breathing new life into them, this article is just for you.

In order to help you, 5-Minute Crafts has prepared a list of useful hacks that can save your old tools.

1. Remove the rust.

Old tools often acquire a rusty look because of their exposure to both water and oxygen over time, but you can stop that from happening.

Step 1: Submerge the tools in vinegar.

Step 2: Leave them overnight. The coating of rust will begin to dissolve because of the acid from the vinegar.

Step 3: Rinse them off with water, then rub them with fine-grade steel wool and light machine oil.

Step 4: The oil will protect the tools from further moisture and rusting.

2. Don’t throw away tools with broken handles.

We often ignore the tools that have broken handles, neglecting to use them or throwing them away, assuming they’re useless. But perhaps it’s time to ditch this way of thinking.

Step 1: Cut the rest of the handle off.

Step 2: Separate the handle from the metal part.

Step 3: Knock out the remainder by punching it out or using a drill.

Step 4: Clean the rust off the tool, sharpen it, and change out the new handle.

New handles are less expensive than a new tool and can be found at most major tool shops. As an alternative, you can reuse the handle from other tools, or make one by yourself.

3. Sharpen your tools.

Sharped axes are safer to use and will do the work more efficiently, faster, and with less effort.

Step 1: Start by cleaning the axe head, using bug and tar remover. Wipe the edges with honing oil and spread it to create a thin layer.

Step 2: Take a sharpening stone and put a small amount of oil on the rough side of it. Make circular passes across one of the edges, using the rough side of the stone.

Step 3: Rotate the axe and the sharpening stone. Using the fine surface of the stone, sharpen the other side using the same movements. Repeat the process until the edges are consistent.

Step 4: Add a few drops of oil on the fine side and sharpen the edges with circular motions. After refining the edge, apply one coat of oil to the axe head to protect the metal.

4. Restore and protect wooden handles.

Every tool that has a wooden handle is often covered with a protective layer when they are new. As time passes, the layer wears out.

Step 1: Clean any dirt off the tool.

Step 2: Sand the handle to remove any remaining layers of finish.

Step 3: Apply boiled linseed oil.

Step 4: Leave it overnight to dry. This oil oxidizes and forms a hard protective coat, which will keep your handles safe. Old, but fresh!

5. Replace the frayed pull cord on your lawnmower.

If you have tools with frayed pull cords, don’t wait for them to break. Instead, find a new pull cord of the same size as the old one and change it.

Step 1: Remove the rewind assembly from the tool.

Step 2: Remove the old cord, twisting it in the same direction it goes when you pull on the cord.

Step 3: Thread one end of the new cord into the handle.

Step 4: Secure it with a knot. Wind the new cord in the return spring until the spool is full and cut the other end of the cord. Secure it with a knot on the handle.

Step 5: Put the rewind assembly back into the tool. This hack will save you a lot of time and you won’t need to buy a new tool or go to a mechanic.

6. Save old scissors.

To repair scissors that are almost not openable:

Step 1: Remove the bolt that is holding the blades together.

Step 2: Use fine sandpaper to sand the blades, removing all the rust.

Step 3: Put light machine oil onto the area.

Step 4: Connect the blades and open and close them several times to work in the oil. If the cutting edges are blunt, sharpen them with a tool sharpener.

Have you ever tried one of these hacks? Which of them was the most helpful?

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